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Have You Switched To A 5g 'phone? Worth It?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Jez900ie, Jan 24, 2020.

  1. I now have 5G coverage available in my home area, so I'm wondering about switching the 'phone to be able to use it.

    Have you already switched to 5G, and if so do you notice better speeds, faster conections etc? Is it worth it? Is it just a load of B*ll*x to get us all to spend more money?

    Which carrier, what price, what phone?
  2. No and I won’t be either...like having a microwave oven in your pocket, constantly on.
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  3. Really? I haven't seen that in any of the ads! Don't you like pop corn?
  4. It’s all bollox just so that people can annoy the fuck out of you even more when sat on a train and they are watching some shit like downton abbey on their smartphone with the Volume turned up. Whatever happened to renting a video and having a family night in...
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  5. They do that already with 4g. Thats not new!
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  6. Th
    This is true but at least on 4 g it buffers for a while giving you some peace and quiet. Anti social pricks
  7. But no popcorn!
  8. No popcorn only teeth flying when you smack the annoying prick with their smartphone volume turned up to the max.
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  9. I was handed a leaflet recently asking me to support, not having 5G. I didn't read it. I have no idea what its all about. for me, a phone is for texts only. I spend my day talking to folks. the last thing I wanna do is talk on my time off.
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  10. Carrier pigeon might be worth lookng into. You get a hobby/ pet with the texts.
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  11. It’s progress apparently....
  12. in which case, you can ram yer progress. pigeons are for eating.
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  13. Looking forward to getting mine one day!

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  14. That looks more like a grill than a microwave
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  15. aye
  16. Sh*t the song is wrong, I've been eating blackbirds!
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  17. meh, I eye them all.
    I was staying in the Hilton Aviemore a few years back, the lounge was rammed with folk and their families. it struck me that you could of heard a pin drop in the place. not a word was being spoken and all eyes where glued to their devices. they is a fookin curse.
    whats the advantages of another G?
  18. Not sure, so that why i was asking! Its not so clear cut as Bolivian Marching powder...
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  19. My phone contract is due up soon and the company has sent a few "new products emails of late. I've noticed quite a few try and make them look cheaper now on the monthly cost but the crafty buggers are trying to make them 3 year contracts

    The 5g means you should be able to download say an hour tv programe in around a minute, I rarely use my phone for such a thing so the extra for 5g to me is a bit like a 4k tv when a non 4k does the same job.

    Something else I noticed. For some of us who are now buying phones seperately and then simply buying a value sim, they say buying a 5g phone does not mean you will get 5g as you have to be on a 5g plan, to get 5g
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