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Discussion in 'Speakers Corner' started by GunZenBomZ, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. IMHO this is the time to be training yourself to have cold-showers. Which raises your immune system because it causes rapid breathing to take place by shock. Frankly most people follow this pathetic western externally developed indulgent habit of hot showers. I'm not fucking about; after around 10 cold showers you start to crave them which should be done over a month or longer. Totally removing any warm/hot showers or frankly stop if you truly cannot handle it. This stimulates blood flow & an immense feeling of wellbeing by been in control of your body. You will not need a warm/hot shower unless you are actually unwell or having breathing issues.

    Cold shower procedure
    Open bathroom window to have temperature the same as outside. I tend you do some (10+) press ups naked before entering the cold water. Which is already running to train your body for what is about to happen audibly. But any warming up technique is recommended keeping well clear of toilet or basin porcelain. Calmy step into cold shower flow & wet yourself down for one minute. You should be moving all the time, or carefully spinning. This will at first make you want to get out or start shaking which is a normal reaction. Then once doused down turn water to a dribble to help lather up your soap bar & do your normal soaping routine (making sure your do your private areas lastly). Then turn up cold water flow & rinse off for another minute, rinsing soap bar of pubic hair & potential feces. Then do not use a towel, with a window open march on the spot. In less then three minutes you will have heated up & self dried. Leaving your head & toes & private area to quickly rub dry with towel. However if you have access to outside from a shower. Stick some trunks on et cetra/flip-flops & walk about & you'll be dryer in far less time. As the air/wind will evaporate the moisture. The more you follow this routine the quicker you heat up & become revitalized!

    Please only do what you feel your capable of sustaining, you do not need ice-cube baths or standing in cold water for more then two-minutes.

    Double slap hands & feet scenario
    Fixes anyone who suffers from cold hands or feet from what people call 'bad blood flow. Clap your hands together as hard as you can suffer & quickly follow up with a second less brutal slap then rub side to side. Do this every couple of hours away from anyone who may be judgemental. I judge that within 4-weeks you will have considerably warmer hands/feet. And in cold weather a quick hand double slap (not overly hard) stimulates the same reaction to take place. For you're feet you also slap them with a hand twice & rub away, eventually simply stamping downwards wearing shoes/boots will produce warmth. The pins & needles feeling created in both situations initially will give way to warmth.

    Back pain

    When you wake up, do not move fast or suddenly rush. Your spine is retracting & you're height is shrinking this may have already happened. So monitor your height at the start of your day against a door frame. As long as you feel nicely warm, raise up & sit on the side of the bed (if you have bed on the floor a chair will be used sitting forward of the backrest). Then do some gentle twists of your torso followed by a few side-way leaning excercises. Before sitting nicely straight & standing up. Do not bounce your body/spine on the mattress. Do this when ever you feel aches or have done a hard days work previously. I do this same scenario with my neck before wearing a helmet for biking. I want my neck supple & warm, so I wear neck buffs/neck warmers.
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  2. good idea!


    we're all in self isolation which probably means at some point we will come into contact with the internet. be careful too much can rob your body of zinc and dehydrate you. Eat pumpkin seeds and drink lots of water and obviously wash you hands afterwards, and before, if you have been handling chillies..

    [Edit] i am yet to go blind: i think this is fake news
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  3. You big girl... why don't you just use the canal? Since I've been sleeping under the bridge on the tow path (good for cerebral antidiscombobulation - look it up!!!) I just roll into the navigation of a morning and allow myself to sink into the cleansing sediment. The trick is to get out without using your hands or arms (it's called piking) and then wriggle in the dust until dry.

    If it was good enough for David Niven then it's good enough for me.
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  4. Trouble is, there is ALWAYS someone around
  5. Urine colour chart, orange or brown you are in serious need of water.
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  6. Green = asparagus.
  7. Luminous = upload_2020-3-26_22-36-56.jpeg upload_2020-3-26_22-36-56.jpeg
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  8. .......:thinkingface: sooo the cold shower leaves you needing a hot one o_O
  9. From tinternet:
    Research has found that milk (full fat and semi-skimmed) is very good at hydrating you. In fact, milk is better at hydrating you than water because it is retained in the body for longer. In addition, milk provides essential nutrients including calcium, protein, and B vitamins
  10. Well, thanks a lot for that! I carefully wee'ed on the screen to check colour but no matter how careful I was, some wee got into the "Home" button on my ipad and now it's not working properly! FFS!
    I suggest to the people at home to print this page off to avoid what happened to me!
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  11. You have described (roughly) one of the pillars of the Win Hof method.
    You can find the details here https://www.wimhofmethod.com/

    I completely agree with you about the benefits of them and that you do end up craving a cold shower once you get used to them. But when starting off down this path you can make it much easier for yourself, by starting off washing normally in a luke warm shower and once you are clean you can turn the heat down.

    The breathing exercises in the method are highly recommended too. I use the breathing method to stop cold sores from developing and they work better than Zovirax.
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  12. You're going to do a poop chart next aren't you? :poop: :D
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  13. Yes the bristol stool chart, for you poohy-poo-poo.
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  14. Testicular self-exam chart

    Breast self-check
    ps: Both dedicated to @Loz because he's a bit of a ball-bag & also a tit.
  15. I knew it, just knew it :D
  16. Bleach baths are an interesting option but should not be used regularly
  17. Oh no! I've slipped into a parallel universe populated entirely by hypochondriacs
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  18. Just obay the wife and you can't go wrong.
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