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1200 Enduro Heated Grips

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by cakeordeath, Jan 27, 2020.

  1. Hi,

    Just had some Ducati heated grips fitted on Saturday on to a 1200 enduro multistrada. Not that warm in my opinion. is it possible they didn't programme them correctly? some other fault perhaps? even on full power they are barely warm.
    Most people complain of being cooked by there's.
  2. I have them on mine and they go from warm to not much warmer. Though I do have those grip puppies on the bars. The cycling off and on is the problem for me.
  3. I'd agree they're "not that warm". Also on a 1200 Enduro.
  4. If they are the same as the 1200 DVT then they are a bit wank IMHO.
    The original 1200 ones were extremely hot and the 1260 ones are significantly better than the DVT ones.
    There was nothing that you could alter they just weren't very good from memory.
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  5. Agreed - on max they are only just good enough to keep the worst of the chill off. My 2013 Multi was better. Could be the alloy bars acting as a heat-sink.
  6. Not reliable long term either. Reading on the forum of LH grip failing then RH failing within 15k miles. Meh. Oxford ones last 30k+ miles
  7. Mine on my 1200 enduro are F hot. I generally cant keep them on max for very long.

    Maybe it depends on your gloves ?
    I tend to wear waterproof summer gloves all year round.
    The grips get hot enough to make my gloves steam in wet weather.

    Just like any grip if you uncover them by taking your hand off the grip they cool down quickly, but trap the heat and they work great.
    Maybe I just have sensitive hands :yum

    I fitted the grips, and the supplying dealer just enabled them at first service.
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  8. I've not had any fail as such. The first grip on my 2010 bike wore out (grip rubber too soft). Replaced under warranty and were working when sold in 2014 (bike had 25k on it).

    Grips on my 2012 bike (regd december 13) still working fine now, not worn out. Bike has over 30k miles on it.

    Grips on my 2018 Enduro working fine, not showing any signs of wear. Cant remember mileage, maybe 6kish.
  9. I've had them fitted on my 2013 PP and they f##king hot
  10. First generation enduro owner, bike over 38,000miles & mine are fucking warm. Rarely go above medium when needed even with Rukka star 2-in-1 gloves (used for winter) on.
  11. well fuck my luck is all i can say, thought i had solved my problems, will have to look at better gloves. wish i had the know how to wire in better heated grips.
  12. Ask the dealer if they can adjust their settings at all.
    I am unclear if this is possible, but do recall people in the past suggesting they were turned down at one point to stop them failing.
    Has to be worth an ask.
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  13. I have a 1260 and my grips are fantastic, better than my old XR. But I rode a friend’s 1200 dvt and they where terrible.

    Maybe Ducati have changed something? I wonder if it has anything to do with alternator outputs?
  14. It’s not alternator output, they are both rated at 500w.
  15. Mines going in soon for key update and lights enabling so I'll ask if the grips can be turned up.
  16. Ducati parts lady called to say my new key was there so I asked about the grips. She didn't think it was possible to adjust them in the software but did mention they'd had a lot fail.

    Of course I don't know how familiar she is with the software so I'll try and bug the person at the sharp end when I get my key done in a couple of weeks.
  17. P.S. haven't we got a tame Duc dealer on here somewhere?
  18. Heated grips on my DVT are pants even on full bore. Their worse than the ones I had on my 2spark and they weren’t brilliant. On friends BMW can’t hold the grip with bare hands if their on max.
    Apparently Oxford grips are the only cure.
  19. Having had all generations of Multi the only heated grips that were poor was on the DVT they never got hot even at full power. The 1260 grips are good, better than the DVT and rarely need full power, still not as hot as the Single or Twin Spark models (where you could fry eggs at full power).
    Gloves will have a big impact on heat transfer and I have found that any glove with Outlast in them will not transfer heat very well at all, normal Gore-Tex gloves are better for Heat transfer.
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  20. You jinxed me & mine has failed, LHS. Going to be replaced next week under warranty OYB.

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