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Hello And First Question About Injectors Iw 724 Weber/marelli

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by Thomas aus LAU, Nov 19, 2021.

  1. Hello Ducatisti,
    I would like to introduce myself briefly and ask the specialists a first question.

    I'm 63 years old and used to drive a 450 Desmo Mark V for many years.
    Now I have several Laverdas, one (750 Formula) use the same injection systems as your Ducatis.
    I would like to change the green one-hole injection nozzles IW 724 to more modern 4-hole injection nozzles.

    With other engines (K75, VW, ...) this has resulted in a noticeably higher performance (e.g. + 8 hp) and a smoother engine run with less fuel consumption.

    Has anyone here in the forum a tip which modern injection nozzle could fit here?
    Do you then have to recreate the mapping?

    Thanks in advance for the feedback from Thomas from LAU in Bavaria.
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  2. Not to side track your question

    just a warm welcome into our mad house
  3. Hmmm - for a "mad house" it's relatively quiet with you. ;-)

    Thomas aus LAU
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  4. RIGHT!!!! get those rubbish bin pictures up if you want to keep us happy :D
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  7. Welcome to the forum.:)
  8. Welcome along
  9. welcome thomas_aus'
  10. Hi Thomas
    Have you had a cruise around the Forums and a general swot up on what's possible/what's been done here? I could have a delve for a few days but quicker if you got onto a specialist already in the know.

    Brad Black comes to mind as not only highly knowledgeable but also a kind, approachable bloke.
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  11. Nasty. Genuine SFC? Hope the casings and crank survived… just keep saying to yourself the classic Laverda mantra- “it’s only money”.
  12. Laverda is agricultural machine technology that can withstand it.

    To be on the safe side, I had the crankshaft tested.
    There were no metal chips inside the gearbox, the engine or the slingshot plates.

    New sprockets changed to two reinforced single chains and a new chain tensioner were the only parts required.

    Lucky, that could have turned out differently at 180 km / h.

    Yes, Electronica 18391 is original and was sold in 1975 from Brettoni to a rich son near Florence.
    I visited both in 2017 with this SFC - we had a good time :).

    Thomas aus LAU
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  13. Ok, apparently you have no experience with this.

    In the Laverdaforum I got the following good link, where the data for our Weber injectors IW 724 are also listet.
    With this information I contacted Tills.de to find a better modern nozzle.

    If I have a positive result, I will contact you.

    Thomas aus LAU
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  14. Sorry we couldn't be of any help @Thomas aus LAU , it is a bit specialist. I didn't help by putting the wrong link up to Brad Black but hopefully this is the right one :-


    as you probably know, the 851 also uses the "green" injectors as was a pioneer of the Weber system as initially designed for the Ferrari F40. I have many of these ("green" injectors, not F40s!) as system also used on early Lancia Integrale.
  15. Hi Thomas, please do share if you make any headway with this. I've also been researching something similar with regards to uprating the 900ssie injectors and ECU. There is some good info on brad's site

    I started here:

    but all of his reports make fascinating reading.
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  16. i've been writing in that invisible ink again, haven't I?
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