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Hello Ducati People

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by Rocksteady, Jul 29, 2020.

  1. F4EAD0AB-3639-48A8-A205-D18D93A14F4A.jpeg 5B592990-BEAF-470E-A0F1-7B65AAA007FD.jpeg Hello Ducati people,

    South African here, living in France and riding Italian. Been lurking and learning for a while, more value on this forum than in any shop manual I’ve found so far! Two in the stable at the moment - Panigale 1299 and my little 999 Specialé...

    Looking forward to sharing!
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  2. Hello :upyeah:.
  3. Welcome dude :cool::upyeah:
  4. Hi and welcome
  5. Welcome dude
  6. Hey Eddy you forgot my bins we like bins it’s keeps me happy :)

    Nice bikes

    Welcome into our mad house
  7. Welcome along
  8. Welcome onboard fella:upyeah:..tell me out of interest what's the price tag on the Paul Smart in the background.:thinkingface:
  9. Welcome.
    More pics of the 999 Speciale please!
  10. You can’t afford it you were moaning about the price of a mirror :innocent:
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  11. Hello and welcome to the forum
  12. Welkom Ouboet!
  13. The trick inlife is to plead poverty wherever you go.;)
  14. Howzit! Thought there might be some more of us here..
  15. 602E3E5B-FA78-487A-9748-ADFA6949ACF8.jpeg 1BF565A0-2F09-4A3F-9903-7519E609F3E5.jpeg 22D5E4FF-CA35-47DC-81C3-8A92618D454C.jpeg
    As kindly requested;


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  16. Hi and welcome let’s see the 999.
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  17. Believe that was around 20k
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