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Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by Gordon McMillan, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. Hi Guys, got a 916 and an M900 amongst many other bikes, love 2 strokes. Will try and get some pictures up but id rather strip an engine, (which I'm doing with my 916 at the moment) than upload pictures , one drive , documents, and folders it all confuses me lol. So here goes.
    Cant seem to find any great pics of my 916 but its in there somewhere.
    Great forum.

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  2. Welcome cold Gordon :cold_sweat:

    Nice bikes :) :upyeah:
  3. Thanks. my head is full bikes, it must be some sort of illness.
  4. Mmmmmm sp2!

    Welcome scotch dude :D
  5. Thanks
  6. Welcome Gordon McGreedy - bit greedy brw o_O

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  7. I know, I'm not well I cant stop I just love bikes lol
  8. Wana buy any more mate??
  9. I will need to store them in my house if I get anymore, but a nice SP1 would be very tempting
  10. welcome Gordon Highlander

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  11. A wooden shed and plugs spirit levelled all round, you'll go down well here sir, welcome
  12. Now that would just be silly :bucktooth:
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  13. Welcome Dave
  14. Yes that's true, like that now
  15. Yes done them all myself, chalk line is a great thing
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  16. welcome gordon, its just as cold. But maybe a tad less moist on averge.
  17. Hi & welcome
  18. Hello Dave (Gordon),
    Lovely bike collection you have there :upyeah:
    It’s not the cold up here that’s the problem as you know, just the constant rain :splat: : unamused:
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  19. Wow nice Collection I had as SP2 a few years ago wish I still had it in my collection and always wanted an RC30 always remember going to the TT with my dad when everybody was racing them you just can't beat an RC 30 on full chat going through Kirk Michael but unfortunately always out of my reach financially
    Welcome to the Ducati forum
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  20. Welcome and enjoy. Nice collection!