Hello From Devon

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  1. Hi all thought I drop in and introduce myself. My name is Paul (loatmead) and I ride a ZZR1400 until this coming Saturday when it’s getting traded in on a gen 2 Diavel, and guess what I just can’t wait. I’m down in Exeter so it will be one last blast up to South Wales on Saturday on the Z and then a somewhat different ride home but hopefully with no back ache.
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  2. You'll love it, congratulations and welcome to the forum. :)
  3. Welcome David
  4. Welcome Paul,Rave reviews on the diavel enjoy:upyeah:
  5. hello and welcome :blush:
  6. Welcome :):upyeah:
  7. Welcome Paul from Devon :) :upyeah:

    You sure that you aren't from Bucks? :thinkingface:
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  8. welcome loatmead
  9. Welcome along :cool:
  10. welcome and enjoy.
  11. Welcome dude
  12. Welcome into the mad house

    Don’t forget your pics of bins and bike We like them :)

    Will it be red :blush::motorcycleduc:
  13. No it’s a stealth
  14. Oh now you've gone and done it !! o_O

    (Quick, change ya mind, just tell Ducky it's red :p)
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  15. Hi Paul,
    Welcome from Exeter
  16. Ah so Ducky is a purest. It is red underneath honistly officer
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  17. Viv, it's red underneath....Step away from the keyboard bab !! :D:motorcycleduc:
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  18. Thanks all for such a great welcome will put some pics up on Saturday
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