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Featured Hello From Northern Ireland

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by Killy119a, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. Hi All
    I hope everyone is well and keeping positive in these hard times. I’ve been a regular visitor to the forum and thought it best to sign up when I have plenty of time on my hands. Currently have a flat track pro which I love and as with all our bikes at the minute is begging to be uncovered. Hopefully we will all be patient and can enjoy a good first ride no matter how far away it seems.

    Meanwhile the forum seems to be a good substitute for all manner of things bike related or not. Told the wife I had to include a shot of our bins. I have now been told the power hosing needs done as the slabs are green. Looking forward to being an active forum member once I’ve the ever growing list of odd jobs done for the boss upload_2020-3-26_22-58-30.jpeg
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  2. Welcome Killy. :) :upyeah:

    Great 1st pic. :bucktooth:
  3. Welcome flat track pro, lovely bins, filthy pavers! :)
  4. Welcome dude :cool::upyeah:
  5. Welcome along fella
  6. Hi & welcome. Green flags from the Emerald Isle. :upyeah:
  7. Welcome Killy,first picture gets major issue out of the way.
  8. The bikes look great,what about the bins;)..welcome aboard.:upyeah:
  9. Welcome and enjoy
  10. Welcome Dave
  11. Thanks for the welcome. Dirty pavers will be gone by lunch time today. Guttering cleared out yesterday, power hosing today. Major points earned with the wife and will be redeemed for some shiny bits for the bike.
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  12. All that gravel gives me the shivers

  13. Welcome aboard!
  14. Welcome to the Ducati forum great first picture you have a nice pair of bins enjoy the forum
  15. welcome killy, who's the supplier of the edging stones aka kerb stones?
  16. Welcome to the forum
  17. welcome to a real pro :cool::cool::cool:
  18. Welcome to the Forum Killy :upyeah:
  19. Welcome , where in norn iron are yoi based.....im in sunny dollingstown.

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