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Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by Gerard Brooks, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. Hi all.
    Newbe forum user here. I live in the west Midlands (UK).
    I have a Ducati xdiavel s and two other bike but they might not be welcome on here.
    The reason I joined the forum I that I need a set of forks for the xdiavel. I had a run in with a tractor and the forks got slightly bent. I sent them off to a" suspension specialist " but they are unable to repair them.
    I can't find anyone breaking a xdiavel and new forks are stupid money.

    Can anyone help.me out.
  2. Greetings Gerard!

    Sorry to hear of your spill. I hope you're OK? If there are forks around this will be a great place to find them or possibly some info on where you will...

  3. Hello :upyeah:. Crap news about your run in but someone might be along to help out.
    All bike lives matter!!:grinning:
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  4. Cant you get it fixed on insurance? The tractor should have been insured if on the road.
  5. My daughter works for Harley Davidson and one of the techs came to have a look at it. He recons with the damage and price of new parts the insurance would write it off.
    I have repaired all the other knackered bits just need some forks now
  6. Have you done a check of the frame for minor damage or weld cracks? Takes a lot of force to bend those fork tubes and the rest of the bike has taken that force too...
  7. Welcome. Stick a post in the wanted section too, it may help.

    edit: I see you’ve already done it :upyeah:
  8. Welcome dude
  9. You couldn't see a bend in them but I sent them for inspection just to check
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  10. welcome gerard, no relation to Micheal Brooks from America who just pasted away?
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  11. Welcome, all bike are welcome, some more than Scramblies :):upyeah:
  12. Hello and welcome.
  13. Hi and welcome
  14. Yoam Bostin'.
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  15. Welcome to the forum
  16. Not really South Africa to Cardiff then to Walsall
  17. Welcome, who did you upset to find yourself in yamyam land?
  18. Probably the mrs
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  19. No
  20. Welkom ouboet! Hope you find what you are looking for.
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