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Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by iiiDutchiii, Jul 28, 2020.

  1. Hi. Finally reached a stage in life where I could afford a premium motorcycle. Bought a 2018 Multistrada 1260s. Amazing all round machine. But never owned a bike that has more issues! Dealer I bought the bike from has been less than helpful through the warranty period. Hoping the guys on here can help me through the problems so I can truly enjoy the bike. Ride safe
  2. You’ll get all the help you’ll need here
    Welcome to the forum
  3. Welcome. Who’s the unhelpful dealer?
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  4. Hello :upyeah:.
  5. Hi and welcome
  6. Welcome dude :cool::upyeah:
  7. Hi, and welcome.
    What problems do you have?
    Who is the crap dealer?
    Photos with bin.
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  8. So sorry to hear about your misfortunes with the said dealer:thinkingface:.............you can borrow my cattle prod anytime you like for a better response time.;)
  9. Welcome along dude
  10. Thank you. First issue is the bike won’t start when temps drop. Not talking about freezing conditions. Just usual colder English weather. Dealer tells me this is typical of big v-twins. Not convinced. Had a fellow biker tell me replace the battery with a Yuasa high amp?? Sound right to anyone?
    Hi. Sorry trying to get to grips with how to post on here properly! I bought the bike from Blade Ducati in Oxford. Was their ex-demo. 2k miles on it - amazing machine. But problems I have since! Firstly it simply won't start in lower temps. Not freezing just the average winter temps we get in south UK. Dealer told me it's typical of v-twins but that's not my experience at all. I've been told by a non-expert to try a better battery (The yuasa?). That's just one issue - currently the bike won't idle after warm up until it's been ridden a couple of miles. Couple of times nearly dropped pulling out of a junction and it just dies on throttle! As it happens I located an alternative dealer in Winchester who is going to look at it for me tomorrow (Weds) and fingers crossed they will sort it and Ducati will be kind to me on the warranty that expired last month!
  11. Glad you've found another dealer.
    No it shouldn't be harder to start in colder temp. Maybe try @Exige Starter cables and yes battery should be good and fully charged.
    Hopefully new dealer will sort it for you. Keep us posted.
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  12. Welcome dude, as stated previously well done on finding another dealer, sounds like your original dealer is a shark - or other adjective I best not use here :D
  13. Welcome and enjoy, hope you get it sorted!
  14. Sorry to here about your issues and sad to here about the dealer not willing to help and glad you have found another dealer you should not be having starting issues like you have mentioned yes they do turn over slow all the v twins Ive owed are the same but they always start
    Hope you get the issues sorted and can then enjoy being the owner of a truly fantastic motorcycle
    Welcome aboard
  15. Welcome and hope you get the issues sorted quickly.
  16. Thank you. Dropped the bike off at Moto Rapido in Winchester early this morning. Gave me a 1260 loaner and oh boy if mine only run as sweet as that one!! Hoping for a positive call this afternoon (Fingers and toes crossed) and it's the last of the new bike issues sorted.
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  17. They will sort it at Moto Rapido and for future reference i use Snells Ducati at Alton, very good service!:upyeah:
  18. So picked up the bike a few hours ago and.....wow! I now have the bike I thought I was buying in the first place. Turns out some loose connection on a sensor that I don’t understand but took the guys at Moto Rapido no time at all to diagnose. Spoke to a guy, Andy, who advised they cleared off loads of other faults on the bike and oh man this machine is now nothing short of epic! Andy called me and explained everything, asked loads of questions and wasn’t in a hurry to get off the phone but genuinely intent on ensuring I was happy. Compared to my experiences from the dealer I bought the bike from, Moto Rapido are simply light years ahead. And on top of it Ducati picked up the bill even though the bike is just out of warranty. Faith restored and now feel like I’m a die hard Ducati fan again given the full performance I now have at my fingers Have to say the service and experience at Moto Rapido was nothing short of excellent and can’t recommend them enough. Been on the bike 3hrs since picking up and man does it put a smile on my face . Think I’m the happiest man in the UK right now! Thanks all for the welcome and the advice. Massive thanks to Moto Rapido. Muliti 1260s truly is an incredible machine. Just a shame the dealer who sold it to me isn’t as impressive as the bike. Off now for another hour of fun ✌️
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  19. Great news, now good weather and burn some miles:upyeah:.
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