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Featured Help From Ducati Itself

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Akorenika, Jun 26, 2020.

  1. I was inspired by a post on here to find out as much as I can about my 916. It's a humble Biposto MY 95 although very early 95 so all the plastic is mid to late 94. Anyway I contacted Ducati via their website on Wednesday quoting my VIN, asking for any information they have on the bike. Within 2 hours I had a phonecall from Italy explaining they can give me as much as they know but need pictures of the VIN, logbook and my ID, all backed up by a Email too. I provided the requested pictures later that day and got a reply almost instantly that they would pass it on to the relevant department. The next day I received a Email with all the information. When and where my bike was built, what model/spec it was, who the importer was and when they took delivery. Confirmation that the engine is the one it left the factory with and when it was sold and first registered. They also offered a PDF of the owners handbook for the exact specification. What a fantastic service!
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  2. Yes it's a service you don't really get with many motorcycle Marks these days. I remember about 7 years odd ago and asked for information on a Ducati(This was before they went a bit security OTT) the next day i got a call from Natasha at Borgo Panigale with all the info. Back in 2014 the wife and me done the Ducati factory/museum tour and Misano Motogp and low and behold Natasha gave us the tour!!:upyeah::)
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  3. Wait until you ask for info on a bike they still thought they had, then see how friendly they are..... :eyes:
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  4. I can only comment on the experience I had.
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  5. They have always been brilliant in my experience.
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  6. Go on then, let’s hear the story, you’ve got me all curious
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  7. What a fascinating read so far, amazing determination and tenacity to get to the bottom of it, further developments? Has PT got back to you? Have you eventually got it in writing? Did Tommasso’s insider come up with anything? Ooooh so many questions I could ask, oh and btw, fantastic pension pot you have there sir and what a way to enjoy it too :upyeah:
  8. Secrecy..... :eyes:
  9. Can’t wait for the next instalment o_O
  10. @Duncati i fear your rendition flight is on the pad:cool:
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