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Help, I Think I Want To Buy A Gs

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Advikaz, May 25, 2020.

  1. Test ride booked....

    seriously considering buying a GS for road work and touring.

    I’m 29 years old and fear that I’ll never frequent a vagina again :sob:
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  2. As the title suggest...yes you need help. Although I’m sure a GS is a mighty fine machine, but oh so different in design and ethos to Ducati, can I ask why the change?
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  3. Just brings a different type of vagina matey. More hairy, mainly :upyeah:
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  4. I haven’t ridden on the road for a few years now bud.

    I like the idea of them, in my head it’ll slow me down as the engines nature isn’t a screamer, I love the idea of nipping to the dolomites for a coffee with the missus in tow
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  5. Dave’s just got one as well :joy:
  6. Looking at the hair on his face, you’ll get a mop of it there :p
  7. I’m ideally looking at the 1200 not the 1250, for me the 1250 doesn’t seem that much better of a bike over the 1200 which atleast has decent brakes !

    I like the look of the rallye in the blue! The adventure seems to make the most sense for what I’m planning
  8. Only kidding. Sure is a fine bike, but it might not slow you down, the GS riders I ride with are extremely rapid, it’s about smooth progress on a GS but the speed over the ground is awesome.
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  9. More in terms of the fact it won’t do 190mph !

    I find it very difficult to ride sport bikes without hammering them everywhere. This might well be the Key I’m hoping
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  10. Likely you will be hammering it differently :upyeah:
  11. You’re too young ffs.
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  12. Everyone should try a gs at least once if they can
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  13. Fuck that buy a r1 to tour on, your get to your destination quicker so more time to sight see and drink more beer. :upyeah:
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  14. However, I am told you will feel the wind in yours whilst ridding one...:motorcycleduc::kissing_heart:
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  15. Dozens of them out yesterday so they are obviously popular. Strangely enough with all the touring gear on as well. I didn't realise the Lake District was so remote :thinkingface:.
    And why do I hear "The Charge of the Valkyries" in my head whenever they appear?
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  16. Speak to Marco regarding a GS, he’ll put you straight.....
    We all know he’s in denial though....
    I’ve got the 1250 GSA and it’s a superb bike but I do miss power, although it’s surprisingly quick.
    If you can, test the 1200 and 1250.
    I’m looking forward to Marco responding to this thread, the orange bike riding Gimp....
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  17. Better with a K1300S
  18. I was going to ask you for some advice the other day :astonished: ffs.

    I understand the not wanting a sport bike on the road. Kind of.
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  19. i know :weary_face::weary_face::weary_face:

  20. Bathe yourself in holy water
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