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Help Me Decide - 959 Vs 1098s

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by bigjimmyb, Sep 23, 2021.

  1. Hi all,

    I relatively new here and by no means an experience of any kind on bikes of any type. Am 50 now and have had bike licence 5 years.

    Be gentle!

    My first 'proper' sports bike after a brief dabble with a Daytona 675 (loved it) is my '16 959. It's a great bike I know and my ability will never match that of the bike. Its done >15k miles (desmo done in April) but is otherwise in great nick (underbelly exhaust fitted by previous owner too). I've never had any issues apart from a battery I let go flat (Optimate sorted that) - been absolutely spot on.

    Last year I got a hankering for something older/classic-ish and mulled over a 748s, then a mate suggested a 1098s - affordable, analogue fun and a potential appreciating classic. So I bought one. It has c16k miles, is pretty clean, has a quick shifter and a slipper clutch. It's had a few issues and I've done another K on it - it can still be temperamental to start and sometimes cuts our when tapped into neutral - but that doesn't bother me. For me, it's now my go to bike (I am answering this myself I wonder?) but perhaps that is novelty.....that said the sound and power delivery and the quality of ride IS better than the 959 in my (perhaps limited) opinion.

    Mate mentioned above hates the 959, loves the 1098 (has ridden both approx 20 miles in fairly twisty roads). But this is not about him.

    Anyway, my question is, which should I keep? I think my inclination is clear but the fact that given its' age, more and more issues may crop up on the 1098, which is a thought that scares me/my wallet.

    I've still got that 916 shape itch and thought a 998 (does it have same Testastretta engine? and therefore longer valve clearance intervals?) could replace both and be my main ride.

    Then again, I could sell both in the spring, save a few quid and go for a V4 of some sort, but I think I'm more of an old fashioned twin kinda guy....

    Opinions welcome

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  2. 1198 is my vote. It is a torque monster. Buy the base version and get the suspension set up and its perfect. The white ones are faster.
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  3. I think some 1098 had big end issues, but not sure. Not heard of similar on 1198. Tbh. That looks v nice. May be someone on heres.
  4. 1198S, sold mine to keep the 1098R, lovely bike
  5. Thanks Ivor. How does it compare to a 1098?
  6. Just a nice but half the price, mine had had a lot of add ons added to it, but still half the price ...
  7. Totally agree (not necessarily about the colour) or go for the 'S' - the stomp is savage and addictive and its also the last of the 'proper' trellis framed bikes - and not stupid money yet...Enjoy.:upyeah:.
  8. Very different bikes
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  9. 959.
    Are there any 1098s left?
  10. With a QS, one problem, that will arise with the 1098, is a lunched gearbox if the set up is not absolutely timed correctly. The early 1098 had a reputation for weak big ends and a fragile gearbox. The 1198 was more reliable. My vote is keep the 959. Andy
  11. If you're going to have one bike, then I'd keep the newer more usable 959.

    If you're lucky enough to have 2 bikes, then I'd make sure at least one of them is newer and more usable.

    I've just sold my Street Triple and 959, and looking at Speed Triple 1200 RS, or possibly the new Streetfighter V2 (V4 is too high for me), but I'm just a bit older than you.
  12. Well, the 1098s did just have a clutch issue which has been sorted (£400). The thing about big ends worries me though.

    Ideally I'd like to keep both but may be moving so won't have the room. May wait until spring and then decide.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on a 998? Does it need a demo every fortnight like the 996 variants or does the Testastretta in it have longer intervals?
  13. If you're worried about servicing, get an 1198S
  14. Read the first sentence and immediately the answer is 959 without a doubt
  15. The 1098 was an utter dog turd of an engine. Sprag, bottom ends, QS destroying gearboxes. If you want a bike from the era (error) I'd go 1198 or SF. Personally, I'd go 899/959/1199/1299.
  16. I assume (hope!) you mean half the price of a 1098R???
  17. Yep
  18. 959. A lovely useable bike.
  19. I looked for a good 1198 for quite a while. Some research suggested it had to have an alloy tank, and if it had a Ducati quickshifter, gearbox issues could be on the horizon. Thing is, a decent 1198 SP with the alloy tank, is around the same money as a 1299S. And when I asked on here, if a lighter and more powerful 1299S, would beat a 1098R, no one answered.
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