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Help Me Find Winter Thermals For Track 1pc

Discussion in 'Clothing, Gadgets & Equipment' started by fabriciom, Sep 28, 2019.

  1. Hello folks,

    I'm back for some advice on what to buy to keep me warm during winter while using a track one piece.

    I've looked at the one piece internals from Dainese and they do not have thermal items.

    I've seen Alpinestar has one. But would like to hear from you guys since you have worse winters than we do.

    Thank you.
  2. Have you thought about wearing something that is appropriate for winter wear rather than a one piece racing suit?
  3. Well I have 2 trackdays coming up in November and I would like to do it with the 1pc suit.
  4. Ok I get where your coming from now, Rukka make good thermal under suit stuff, Merino wool is what you need, not cheap but very good, is your suit vented?
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  5. Suit is vented
  6. If so then a good wind blocker is useful, cycling gear from Gore is extremely thin and good but Pricey.
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  7. Just buy some thermal longjohns or similar. No need for fancy brands imho. Also keep an eye out for Lidl/Aldi, they normally do a bike event around this time and i bought a 1 piece years aNd that was mega for about 15 quid
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  8. Agree with @bradders got Aldi wind proof, spot on
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  9. Silk long johns, silk under gloves, silk long sleeve undershirt, all available from ebay with some searching.

    Not wildly expensive.
    Very thin to fit under your suit
    Light & Comfortable
    Easy wash & dry
    Will keep you warm in -10°C ski ing in the Alpes all day and on track days no problem.
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  10. I use an Avade heated base layer that has its own battery or you can connect it to the vehicles battery. But as your leathers are vented you need to block that cold air flow first.
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  11. @PeterT thanks, just ordered that Gore Windstopper as it’ll be perfect for autumn cycling. Ta.
  12. Alpkit gear is good technical wear which isn't expensive as it's not marketed at motorcyclists... their baselayers are great. I have had a lot of their stuff over the years and they're my go-to brand for most things.
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  13. I use a Nike dri fit under the Avade heated vest with an EDZ wind blocker. The Nike vest is super thin but stops the vest burning me too much. The EDZ folds into tiny pouch.
    The battery on the Avade vest should last for a track day as long as you turn it off when you come off track
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