1200 DVT Help!! Stranded!!! Steering Lock

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  1. HELP!!

    just about to leave work, cant get the bike going. Steering lock has released, dash lights up but is flashing a "steering lock fault" that wont let me start the bike.

    ive checked fuses, tried pulling a few to 'reset' but no joy. am stranded miles from home unless I can get a fix, really don't want a 2 hour ride home with the AA!

    anyone got any tips??
  2. Get it recovered. Replacement hands free unit on warranty. Sorry fella.
  3. That's just shit, get on to the AA mate, no point in not
  4. Oh and then never use your steering lock again and go buy a disc lock instead. Good ol' Ducati!
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  5. Same happened me mate .Get it recovered. Replacement hands free unit on warranty. Pain in the arse
  6. Same here , scandalous, a 20000€ bike with a non reliable steering lock...
    I'll never use it again. Electronic rubbisch....
  7. WTF is wrong with Ducati?

    It's not like some of these things are isolated incidents, some are even repeats of the past generation.

    Steering locks, screens, fuel sender's, bad fuel maps, heated grips.......

    The early failure list of the multistrada goes on and on, it's just piss poor frankly, especially as it's not exactly a gen 1 bike, this should have been tried and tested by now.

    What do they do, ride it round the car park and up the road to 'mamas pizzeria' to test the top box and that's it for R&D tests?

    Perhaps a few questions for the 'ask the boss thread'
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  8. Reliability has become such a concern that I actually got bike envy over a guy on the BMW XR the other day [emoji51]
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  9. I've just bought a new Dvt & I agree totally !!!!!
  10. I always worry if it will start because it's so weak on the turnover... It hasn't let me down yet. But I'm damn sure it will do at some point!
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  11. Mmmm :Finger:
  12. They are having their own problems too. Bless them
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  13. I do have my deposit down and I am a little worried to be honest
  14. What have you ordered?
  15. DVT 1200s for March collection
  16. Granted but the XR vibrations can be fixed simply with heavy bar ends, that's even if you find them annoying enough. Personally I think it's blown out of proportion as I've ridden both the XR and dvt a few times now trying to make up my mind, I didn't really feel much other than natural vibration, stuff I'd expect to feel romping along with a superbike engine between my legs.

    However failing electronics is an entirely different issue and one Ducati of all people should really be well versed in avoiding. After all these years you'd have thought they'd have approached this newer generation multistrada with a belt n braces mindset , the last ones had a fair amount of issues with the steering lock, and the clocks, and the fueling, and the suspension.....it's like groundhog day
  17. Even with the XR you need to go basic as the suspension is really harsh tbh esa is a gimmick, but the engine is ballistic, it's romps the dvt only because the euro 4 flat spot between 4-6k kills the fun on the dvt. If you buy the XR you will wish you had brought the ducati, the XR is soulless ideal for bods whom are not mechanically sympathetic, the ducati is for the enthusiastic. We have been brain washed with gizmos ! What did we do before abs and electronically suspension and Ducati apps .
  18. Honestly Dave I'm not so sure, I've got a XR Sport lined up with the extras id miss such as handguards, rack etc and it's even got the genuine bmw tank bag, all nice extras of what you'd want but without the stuff you don't need. And at least without the esa I'm in control of the ride. Still keeps the QS and full engine maps /TC / ABS

    It's a bloody good deal as well, far better than any on the Dvt's at the moment and that's taking in to account the £11995 + EXTRAS.
    Bmw run their own finance which at the moment is unbeatable for a 'used bike' (the dealers just put a couple of miles on them to rig the offer)

    I did enjoy the Ducati but I'm starting to wonder whether I should hold out for a multistrada dvt gen 2, I know the issues don't effect everyone but if I'm paying the premium I'd expect better in all aspects, not just brand badging.

    I'm very much a ducati lover but honestly, the XR is just ridiculously good with little to complain about other than a few vibrations which frankly don't seem to be there.

    I've got a couple of days to mull it over but I kinda feel like I'd have gone for the multi already if it was bang on......granted I've not ridden it since the new map but compared to my last 1200s I just felt it lost that edge a little somehow, I dunno
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  19. Thanks for the replies.

    Yes it was a faulty hands free unit. Now replaced by the dealer.

    Pain in the ass! I was late leaving the office in Oxford and it wouldn't start. Luckily my office has secure parking and I could leave it behind and still had time to catch the last train home.
    I called Ducati recovery first thing the following day and they collected bike within 2 hours and took to the nearest dealer in Aylesbury (where I bought the bike).

    If only the bike was as reliable as their recovery service!!!!!

    I was lucky I could leave the bike and get the train home, otherwise I would have been really stuck. Think I'll be upgrading my AA membership.
  20. My only problem was fuel sender. Steering head bearing loosened in the first 5k and needed tightening. guess its part of bedding in. Heated grips still ok. But I know previous bike had problems. They've changed supplier I believe from the original one from the 2013 model.

    My biggest gripe is the centre stand.