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Help To Identify 900ss Half Fairing For Track Project

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by CLottyboo, Nov 12, 2019.

  1. I am building a 900ss ie up for use as a track bike and would like to run it half faired.

    Have looked at a few options like the Ricambi Weiss 900ss/916ss and retro fitting the earlier 900ss half fairing, but the one that caught my eye whilst researching was as per the attached photo. Spent ages surfing the web trying to identify it, but so far with no result. Apparently the bike shown is/was owned by a guy called John Montgomery who was a Ducati track day organiser.

    Can anybody point me as to where I could source one of these or something similar?

    Many thanks for any input

    iu.jpeg ducati1100dsij21.JPG
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  2. I've seen this one before but can't remember who did it. Screenshot_20191112-164117_Chrome.jpg
    Ducati Kaemna
    Ricambi Weiss
    Airtech Streamlining
    Here's Airtechs copy of OE
  3. Found it!!
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  4. ^^ bloody great forum, this! ^^
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  5. Wow!!! Desmoquattro I spent ages trying to locate that!!! Thank you.

    Exactly what I want for the project ......but say £250plus shipping for a half fairing? Will have to have a serious think about that.

    When I get a moment, I may start a post on the progress of the project - Aim to have it track ready by March - (Excluding frame paint as I know from experience that it may need to lose a few brackets and gain others on the road to completion/fettling!!
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