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Featured Hi. Back To Ducati Again

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by simon Ridley, May 1, 2021.

  1. Hello.
    After 10 years since my last Ducati im now the lucky owner of a 998s. Over 10 years ago I debated 998 or 996sps. I ended up with the sps. I did love the sps but it was v high maintenance and sold it, a big mistake looking at todays prices. Finally Ive ended up with a 998 actually 998s mono.
    Id been looking for a 998 999 pref s or r for a while after a few months ownership of a BMW R nineT. While on facebook I saw an ad pop up, 998s with lots of dp extras, 1 owner and low miles. I jumped in the van the next morning and met a really genuine guy selling his pride and joy, instantly i knew I had to have it.
    Ill try to add some pics..


    the moment I got home. Happy
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  2. Welcome
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  3. Welcome and enjoy. Nice looking bike!
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  4. What’s the Kermit juice in the 5l cans?
    Asking for a friend.
  5. Welcome Simon, well done you as that looks in mint condition.:upyeah:
  6. Cool
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  7. Oh no!!!! :( your forgot my rubbish bin in your picture

    welcome back into our mad house
  8. Welcome, looks very nice.
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  9. Screen wash
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  10. It is mint. 3k miles
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  11. I'll remember another time. cant believe there isn't one in that shot.
  12. Welcome ,
    998 looks stunning ,what is the other bike in the shot ?
  13. BMW r9t. Cluzo.
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  14. Back end of BMW R nineT.
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  15. welcome simon'
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  16. welcome. Like the screen wash, looks mint.
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  17. In front of the blue garage door, green bin and brown bin.....phew !
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  18. Well spotted

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  19. Fantastic but remember it must be used on the roads and not just viewed as eye candy in the dining room.
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  20. The reception room surely! If one has it one should discreetly display it. Little concerned this chap has an unfinished gravel drive way, very BMW. Do hope a GS is not hidden away in the garage. Standards old boy, standards:).
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