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Hi Everyone

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by roadrebel, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. My poor old 749S has been languishing in the shed un-ridden for about 4 years. My excuse is that it used to make my neck ache so I've been riding my old Triumphs.

    I have kept the battery charged and started it occasionally but it needs riding so I got it out ready for a wash and an MOT but it would only run on the vertical cylinder with the other one mis-firing.I took the plug out and cleaned it and then it wouldn't start at all!

    I had a look on here for advice and read all the relevant posts, I changed the annoyingly hidden relay even though I thought it was ok.

    Finally, front plug out again, connect up and it was sparking up in the body whatever I did to it. Found my old Champion plugs, cleaned up the best one, put it in and bingo! Both cylinders running ok after a bit of spluttereing from the vertical one.

    It is usually something simple and obvious. I should have checked the plug first but it hadn't done many miles.

    Belt change next!
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  2. welcome Rebel Dude :cool::upyeah:
  3. IMG_0759.JPG
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  4. Thanks, been looking at those. I'll probably have the bearings too but I'll get it mot'd first.
  5. There’s a 15% forum discount if you subscribe, see the premium tab at the top of the page for details of how to subscribe :):upyeah:
  6. You forgot your bin pics too

    Welcome into our mad house yellow rim tape newbie :)
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  7. Welcome to the forum
  8. Welcome. Nice to see a flurry of yellow hitting the welcome pages
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  9. I hate that rim tape, I don't know why it's still on there. I have had the bike 9 years!
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  10. Welcome dude, keep the rim tape you'll upset @Exige if you remove it :p
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  11. IMG_5603.jpg It's not so pretty now!
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  12. Take the rim tape off, next step will be stickers on your wheels ffs o_O
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  13. Hello :upyeah:, i've got rim tape on my 900ss ie i just can't be bothered to take it off. Nice bike.:upyeah:
  14. :fist:M
    Give the guy a break he’s got pansies in a tyre planter :bucktooth:
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  15. I can see it I can see it :grinning: the bin

    Your in
    #17 Ducbird, Jul 20, 2020
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  16. IMG_5604.jpg It's got a rose bush in it now and other stuff.
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  17. Welcome fella - nowt wrong with tyre planters, not so sure about wheel tape though
  18. Welcome to the forum
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