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  1. Ric Davies. 59 (in Spring_Ducati.jpg 2019). I have a 1995 916 that I bought in 1996 after hearing my riding instructor's 888 fire up in an empty garage, which was amazing. The 916 has obiligatory Termignoni for extra aural pleasure. Twelve years later (2008) I added a 2002 ST4s; basically a 996 in Touring clothes, because a) my wrists and back were hurting on the 916 and b) I wanted to take my Advanced Rider test, which I passed. The 916 still fires up first time, every time. The ST4s not so. I am hoping that replacement earth & starter leads from Exact will sort that out, or else it's future is uncertain. I am a fairweather biker so when the weather is nice the bike has to work. Most of the time I drive either an Audi S6 (5.2, V10) or Jag XKR (4.0,V8).
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  2. welcome ric' ..and subscriber already. There has to be a conspiracy!!!!

    IAM or Rospa? My local group is coventry & warwickshire: CWAM
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  3. Welcome Ric, just replied to your PM :):upyeah:
  4. Welcome David
  5. Hi & welcome. Mice intro Rick
  6. Hello & welcome
  7. Bonjourno
  8. Hi and welcome another newbie with a nice collection I must be in the wrong job enjoy the Ducati forum
  9. Welcome and enjoy
  10. A nice collection!
    Hi and welcome to the forum.
  11. Welcome - great intro,

    A few other petrolheads on here to keep you company :upyeah::upyeah::upyeah:
  12. Ooo a picture of red loveliness but .... you forgot your bin Ric o_O
    We like bins

    Welcome into our mad house :)
  13. Welcome.

    The Exact cables did the trick for me when I put them on my ST4.

    You’ll be pleased with them. Starts straight off the merest touch of the button.
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  14. Welcome from another fair weather rider except those times when out riding and a rain shower seems to pop up out of nowhere!
  15. Wow a instructor on a triple eight.....now that's funny:eek:Welcome aboard & just love that 916.:upyeah:
  16. Welcome Ric from another 1960 babe, great bikes (and cars):upyeah:
  17. Welcome Rik, I was put off the ST4s because of the alarm (was thought to be problematic back in the day), that may be the source of your evils?
  18. You could be right. I have to watch out for the 15 second rule. And the "no sidestand" rule. There may be others?