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Featured Hi From Estonia

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by Soren Hejnfelt, Sep 7, 2020.

  1. New to the forum, not to Ducati.

    The collection includes a Monster S2R custom with 1100 Hypermotard engine, S4R996, Streetfighter 1098S and Panigale 1299S.

    Still looking for a mint red S4RS to add to the collection.

    Also currently on the hunt for an original Ducati Performance racing seat for the Streetfighter 1098S. If anyone has for sale, DM me.

    A few pictures of the bikes:

    Panigale 1299S

    Monster S2R custom

    Monster S4R

    No good pic of the Streetfighter at this point.

    Happy to join the community.
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  2. Welcome along Soren, nice collection you have
  3. Welcome dude
  4. Welcome Dude.
  5. Hello :upyeah:.
  6. Thanks all, bonus pic of some of the bikes on a recent trip to Norway!

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  7. Welcome Soren :):upyeah: I used to have a girlfriend who lived in a penthouse apartment in Noole, Tallinn, lovely girl :heart_eyes:
  8. welcome soren'
  9. Welcome the S2R looks a nice colour.
  10. Deep chrome red. It is indeed a sexy color. Her nickname is "S├Ąde", which means "spark" in Estonian.
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  11. Haha indeed there are many lovely girls here :p
  12. Hello and welcome to the forum
  13. Welcome to the Forum Soren :upyeah:
  14. Welcome Soren from Tallinn :upyeah::upyeah::upyeah:

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  15. Welcome soren
  16. Welcome to the forum Soren. Nice collection, thanks for sharing the pics :upyeah:
  17. Love the colour of the monster
    Is that a blue bin in one of your pictures
    Do you know I like bins :D

    Welcome into our mad house
  18. Haha thanks for all the welcome messages. Here's a bonus picture of my mate on his Streetfighter 1098S which I shot a few years ago.

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  19. Welcome on board Soren!
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