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For Sale Hi Spec Road/track 1199

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Messer, Feb 14, 2020.

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  1. Decided to sell on my 1199 and go for something a bit more manageable, it’s far to quick for my level of competence!

    Original owner purchased to use as a track bike and road bike and had something to do with superstock, so his team looked after it. It’s been meticulously looked after and is very clean as such, with all the service sheets showing work done, but no service book.

    full V5, hpi clear and no known accidents or anything.

    Has full road fairings in good shape, though right belly has a bit of melting around the exhaust and small scuff on lhs upper.

    fitted with following
    Ohlins nix FGK224 cartridges (£1200)
    Ohlins DU360 TTX36GP rear shock (£1100)
    Marchesini forged wheels
    Ohlins updated race steering damper
    Termi 70mm Corse full exhaust system (£2.5k)
    DP carbon hugger
    DP carbon mudguard
    DP carbon swing arm protector
    DP carbon shock cover
    DP carbon exhaust cover
    DP carbon heel guards
    DP Carbon Tail tidy
    Solo seat cowl
    DP race seat

    Comes with standard exhausts, rear seat, rear pegs

    also have full set of DP track fairings, light blanks, loom blanks etc. This is available separately.

    just fitted 2 brand new map sensors and gear position switch

    just refreshed oil (motul 300v) coolant, plugs, brake fluid.

    may remove some of the carbon stuff to bring price down.

    may be interested in trade of standar shocks plus cash for these - make an offer including your original stuff if interested. Same for wheels.

    Can swap pipe for standArd pipes too, so may sell these.

    Bike with everything inc DP track fairings and all road gear 10.5k

    sorry for the poor pics, it’s all I have on my phone currently and the bike isn’t with me currently!









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  2. Nawty with a W
  3. ha ha!
    scared the shit out of me at cartagena last week to be honest. Just a bloody mental machine, felt like id done 10 rounds with Mike tyson after each session
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  4. Hi. If you remove the carbon clutch cover to sell I will take it for a fair price.
  5. Fair one mate I've never even ridden a thou+ lol, I'm more than happy in the middleweight crew and not on first name terms with the tyre guys.
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  6. Thanks, will make a call on the smaller stuff if I start getting requests for the rest of the stuff
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  7. Imho put to standard and sell bits. 10.5k is high in current market for 1199. You only have to look at the guy in another thread and his mate selling an S. Standard ones seem to be 8-9k depending on miles and history.

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  8. Yes I thought that, the bits are worth a lot on this bike and it’s much more than a standard 1199.

    the exhaust was 2.5k corse system with titanium cans etc.

    I’ll leave it here for a short while and see if someone appreciates all the bits and bobs, if not I’ll put the road gear back on and put it up for less and see if I can put some of the std bits back on
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  9. Ok I’ve had an offer on some parts, mainly the rear shock, exhaust, wheels.

    Any interest in

    forks (with yours in trade)
    DP race bodywork and light blanks
    DP reverse quickshifter (for std rear sets)
    DP tail tidy
    DP race seat
    OEM solo seat cowl
    1299 pegs

    drop me a line if so :)
  10. Bike now sold please close thread
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  11. To me !!!! Cheers @Messer
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  12. No worries, good to meet you today and spend the afternoon chatting all things Ducati :bucktooth:

    and thanks for travelling down to view and of course buy! It’s always exciting, but nerve wracking buying a used bike I find!
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  13. Thread closed
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