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Honda 400/4 Rebuild

Discussion in 'Builds & Projects' started by comfysofa, Feb 8, 2020.

  1. Bit of History on this one. Bought in 77 new by my step mothers Husband. Then, passed sold on to a friend of my fathers (and american bloke - cant remember his name) who used it to get around on when he was over here in the UK. It racked up a massive 6k or so on the clock. He then sold it to my dad who held on to it for another 10 years or so before he passed his test (my old man doesnt do things quickly). He then rode it one and a half times. Once, just after he passed his test and then again to the pub, got pissed and had to get a lift home (bike brough back in his mates van i think.) It then sat in the garage up to when he passed away 6 years ago. I bought my 2 brothers out to hold on to it. Had nowhere to store it so it went to my mates shipping container behind his office for the last 6 years. The shipping container gets very damp. We covered it up with blankets and whatnot to try to protect it a little....anyway its now back at my place and my garage is packed. First order of the day is to strip it and get it all to pieces and get it off the garage floor. Pack it all away in cupboards for storage and start to tackle all the jobs one by one...this wont be a quick build as itll only get done when funds allow. The end game is to get it renovated from the ground up - not going for total showroom condition but get it nice and tidy like....after that itll get used now and again to turn the engine over. The long game is to hold on to it, hopefully itll appreciate a bit, sell it on and split the money between my 3 kids. Here comes the pics...(from my phone so, in no particular order).
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  2. IMG_20200208_102648.jpg IMG_20200208_152606.jpg IMG_20200208_141054.jpg IMG_20200208_141234.jpg IMG_20200208_163803.jpg IMG_20200208_125700.jpg IMG_20200208_151054.jpg IMG_20200208_170205.jpg IMG_20200208_151131.jpg IMG_20200208_170210.jpg IMG_20200208_121848.jpg IMG_20200208_165240.jpg IMG_20200208_144622.jpg IMG_20200208_121814.jpg IMG_20200208_121832.jpg IMG_20200208_173614.jpg IMG_20200208_173625.jpg IMG_20200208_153823.jpg IMG_20200208_161808.jpg IMG_20200208_111618.jpg IMG_20200208_143303.jpg IMG_20200208_111627.jpg IMG_20200208_163219.jpg IMG_20200208_111638.jpg IMG_20200208_143942.jpg IMG_20200208_163754.jpg IMG_20200208_153833.jpg IMG_20200208_155456.jpg IMG_20200208_102721.jpg
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  3. Lovely. I learned my spannering on one of those that I rebuilt from the crank up in my student bedroom in Leeds in 1982.
    Look forward to seeing the project as and when there are updates.
  4. As you can see its not too bad....mostly surface corrosion. The frame is surprisingly clean - minimal amount of rust but - if its apart this far then its gonna get powder coated....Short term-ish....

    1. New fork tubes, these ones are pitted. Then a rebuild of the forks.
    2. Take the wheels to pieces, get the rims re-chomed (along with a load of other stuff), new spokes (these ones are rusted) in stainless.
    3. Powercoat most stuff, frame, swing arm, headlamp frame and other bits and pieces.
    4. Clean and rebuild the carbs.
    5. The engine...too much to list on that one...see what happens.
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  5. That looks pretty good already, but there’s great potential to improve it.
    It’s nice to see an early one with pillion pegs on the swingarm.
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  6. They didnt make them for very long - not sure of the exact year - P reg - is that '77?
  7. You forgot to mention the OE headers. I reckon it would be easy to get a tailpipe made up to match.
  8. One thing i never expected was the cost of chrome plating! i called a company local to me (Bristol) and they wanted 2 hundred and fucking forty quid to coat a mudguard - plus the vat....is that me or is that extortionate or is that the going rate?
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  9. That does sound a hell of a lot!!
  10. Yeah - i thought so...think im gonna have to shop around!!
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  11. Oh - anyone on here know how to re-spoke a wheel/s...mine arent in a great state...spokes are rusty and rims need recoating...
  12. Mine was an early one with pegs on the swinging arm KOF461P.
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  14. Id have to look at the logbook. Ive got a ton of old paperwork too (apprently the nerds like that) - old mot's, tax discs, servicing etc etc....ooh - another question - whats the story with tax and mot's for old bikes...?
  15. Maybe you could look at having the engine soda blasted complete? A lot of attention to blanking off and you should be ok. I believe that soda blast material isnt too detrimental if it gets where it shouldn't, but can stand being corrected on that point.
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  16. Cool - as i say, it'd be nice if i could as the engine has done so few miles.
  17. As you are near to Brizzle, go visit Griff’s Reality to get powder coating, chrome and pretty much everything sorted.


    They’ve done some excellent powder coating for me: so good that I take stuff there from Hampshire!

    Also very good for paint is Del, of DW Services who works alongside Louigi Moto:

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  18. Yep - Griff the did honda 125 in the buildi did last year and the KTM you see in the background....he's my man alright...!
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