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Honda Ct 125 Hunter Cub

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Dirty Leeds, Jun 6, 2020.

  1. these look a good crack a modern step thru 200 mpg





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  2. You meet the nicest people on a Honda
  3. Looks a lot more suitable than those enormous BM things for serious off road Adventure riding.
  4. My God, what on earth is happening on this forum, I could have sworn it was a Ducati forum.

    So far we've had members extolling the virtues of GS's, HD & now mopeds. Give me strength !:confused:
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  5. Clue is in the title ‘ other bikes’ remove the section or buy some Persil? Sort them knickers out
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  6. I would have expected any rider of one of these things to wear knickers as part of their normal attire :joy:
  7. I’d prefer a thong for when I get the beach :joy:

    I think they are ace be a good buy at 2k for a camper or van or camping etc but not £3700
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  8. Surely a pair of thongs are better for walking across the hot sand after you’ve parked up? Looking sharp in your new Budgie Smugglers!
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