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1299 Honda Dealer 1299 S

Discussion in 'Panigale' started by pauly, Apr 17, 2024.

  1. Has anyone on here owned a 1299 reg no. CE65 DXV, or know anything about it? Thanks.
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  2. Yeah saw that one it looks quite nice…looks like it has a set of Akra cans as well
  3. Don't know if it's just the dealers camera, but it seems to idle smoother than my old 1299. I'm guessing the Akra cans are worth around £1k?
  4. Not sure what jeans are worth but they are never cheap. I wa looking at that one if I didn’t get a Pani R but I think I’m pretty set on a Pani R at moment.
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  5. Smoother idling maybe an indication it’s been set up for the cans…bikes always run nicer after free cans and setbup
  6. No DUCATI EVO message came up on the dash. I don't know if other maps leave a dash message?
  7. I’m not sure…I know Aprilia just says Race…will be interesting to find out what Ducati does. Does it just say EVO?
  8. I don't recall now.
  9. I have a 2016 1299s on Autotrader for sale. 7200 miles and full Akra and every DP part you can wish for!
  10. yeah, is that the one in sidmouth? If so I’ve had that in my Facebook for a while but disappeared for a bit.
    If I go for a 1299S I would certainly fancy it.
  11. Thats me! for some weird reason it doesn't show on FB, and why I put on Autotrader
  12. Yeah I noticed that, it won’t let me save it but I have your original one from before.

    looks a real nice bike, I’m just waiting for funds to arrive and then I need to decide which bike I fancy. Started at a 1299S, now tempted with a Pani R and also seen a Anniverso which looks nice…

    nice problem to have i suppose
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  13. Looks like some nice extras, but over 200 miles away from me. Plus more miles and no warranty.
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