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Honda Spw

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Connor, May 21, 2019.

  1. Hello folks, is there any Honda geniuses out there that can explain a little bit more about the Honda SPW? It appears to be a HRC SP1/2 designed for endurance racing, looks like an interesting bike and would love to known more! The interwebs isn't helping for specifics!, Just pretty pictures...

    Screenshot_20190521-112328.jpg Screenshot_20190521-112214.jpg
  2. I think I’m some markets it was known as the SPW, with a following RC Designation such as RC51 but I could be wrong. In the UK we definitely didn’t get the SPW, only ever the SP1 and SP2 and even in racing they were always listed under SP1/2
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  3. The spw was the bike thst only race teams could buy, it was one spec down from the world super bike spec.
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  4. I did wonder if the W stood for 'world' as in wsbk, interesting though!
  5. Any excuse to post pics of mine which is a copy of the endurance one

    0E73AD7B-5577-4A75-A77E-DA1EB43867BF.jpeg 84C0927C-1352-4FBC-A321-0F311338DBE0.jpeg 74C10815-2775-4610-8B66-A0FAEEE2FC66.jpeg 5BD07172-E211-4A61-936D-2D0A9F914B36.jpeg 37CD543E-08DA-4ED6-9DD6-A6CFBCD215F5.jpeg




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  6. a few more pics of others



  7. This is my mates ex John mcguinnes tt bike
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  8. The SP1 (2000-2001) and SP2 (2002-2007) roadbikes and racing variants all went under the factory code RC51.
    There were 2 customer racebikes available to the public from the HRC catalogue. These were the 'Basic racer NL6' and the 'Complete racer SPL' with increasing levels of spec (and price!) respectively.
    The SPW was the 'Works' factory racer and only available to the factory and factory supported teams. The addition of lights etc on racebikes were simply for endurance racing, and these bike ran a slightly lower engine tune to aid reliability.
    An NL6 sold a couple of years ago here in the UK for over 100,000!!
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  9. :joy::joy::joy: Haha just noticed that
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