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House Hunting Is Stressful!

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Zhed46, Nov 27, 2019.

  1. The girlf and I just started house hunting for our first place together and it’s already testing the relationship in much the same way as NCAP test cars (ie: by repeatedly smashing the fruit of someone’s hopes and dreams into an stubbornly immovable object).

    Basically, I either want a cabin in the woods like The Unabomber or something like Iron Man’s house, while she is dead set on a suburban Barrett Box for some unfathomable reason. All the more perplexing because she’s a newly qualified architect and I’ve seen her uni portfolio which included some wacky ideas such as a house which was partly underground, not unlike the Tellytubbies’ crib

    As the saying goes - “Cobblers’ children never have their own shoes”

    Two blazing rows in the last three days and a terse exchange by WhatsApp earlier today suggest that we may now be looking for two one bed places rather than one two bed :laughing:
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  2. Most modern crap doesn't have a decent garage. You need to get your other half to understand this stuff!
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  3. Out London for a start ;)
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  4. Defo. Hertfordshire or Bedfordshire most likely
  5. 300 years old... with half underground... at least 3500' ft and located inside the M25... cant go wrong... ... unless you have old vehicles and you are inside LEZ ...
  6. 2 of my 3 bikes, my car and my son’s moped are not ULEZ compliant and tbh the upcoming extension in 2021 to more or less the doorstep of my current place (so close that I will need to enter it regularly but my house won’t be within it) has been the straw which broke the camel’s back
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  7. yip, cobblers kids are always the worst shod. mate, you're gonna have to dump her.
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  8. Try Epping, out of London and Central line tube a few minutes from the high street
  9. I have simple tastes.
    Im looking for a studio flat


    with a large driveway, substantial heated garage and a workshop attached.
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  10. I like Epping a lot but 2 ex girlfriends, one of whom is a mentalist, and my ex-wife’s sister (who I get on with ok but don’t want her knowing my business) live there so it’s somewhere I merely pass through with my dark visor firmly shut on my way to the High Beech tea hut
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  11. I love Love house hunting
  12. So do I.....but on my own!
  13. Would make zheds life a little easier for sure.
    We are going on the market soon as we’ve had enough round here
  14. Wish I could get my Mrs to move. I’m sick of the south east.
  15. Get a new missus? :thinkingface:

    The way things are going mine will be back on the market soon, if you’re interested?* :triumph:

    * Benefiting from a pleasing aspect, this girlfriend is best described as ‘petite and elegant’, and as she is relatively newly constructed, she does not suffer from the repeated maintenance problems associated with older partners, whilst although she was built in the UK, due to her being designed using imported materials, she also retains many of the charming traditional features rarely seen in modern ‘significant others’. Benefiting from superb entertainment facilities throughout, the current owner is particularly fond of the games room in the basement and the front garden, which, although occasionally experiencing dampness, has been landscaped in the contemporary style by being cleared of vegetation in order to make for an unobstructed outlook. Viewing highly recommended.
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  16. Earth can get a little repetitive for sure, are you looking at a different solar system or something nearer to home?
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  17. We’ve just celebrated one year in our new gaff
    It was a rough old ride getting here.
    The initial stress of house move has now been replaced by a different form of stress, home improvements!
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  18. France, midi Pyrenees or Aquitaine. Done with England. It’s too crowded and the people running the gaff are sending England in to a spiral of social decline. Not a healthy place to live now
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  19. Is Oxfordshire to far for you @Zhed46
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  20. I don’t mind, so long as I stay within striking distance of London as these days I only need to come into town a couple of times per week for court hearings or to do some work in Chambers (by which I usually mean pitching up at noon then doss around gossiping with my mates and going for 3 hour lunches).

    The girlf, on the other hand, needs to be in the office in Brixton at least 3 full (up to 7pm) days per week and on days when she works independently, she works from home but also sometimes needs to do site visits which, again, are all in south London. Plus, she’s starting a Masters next year, possibly in the evenings. As she’s just starting out in a trainee/junior architect role, she’s not earning a huge amount of dosh, so the extra travel costs would be a strain. To some extent the cheaper prices outside London set off the additional travel expenses and I have offered to underwrite any shortfall but she doesn’t like feeling as if she’s taking money off me and it’s not just that, it’s also the increased commuting time and hassle for her.

    This is all part of the issue. I want to live in the country whereas she needs to be closer to civilisation. I don’t doubt we will find something though - we will sit down and list our requirements, discuss reasonably how we can compromise and then, in the end, get the sort property that I want to live in, because, doubtless to the horror of feminists everywhere, she is very old fashioned and believes that the man should make these sort of decisions!
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