Housing Your Road Bike .. Err .. In Style .. ??

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by everclear, Nov 23, 2018.

  1. Cream Revenge made a marvellous she-


    for his.
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  2. Exi's got a three bedroom version of that.
  3. Including some decking :bucktooth:

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  4. Are you not going to woodstain the decking?

    Or are you hoping that oil leaks will do the job?

    Assuming you bother putting oil in any of them, of course.
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  5. True, only 2 of these three on the road this year :bucktooth: decking was oiled in August
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  6. Glad you are beginning to turn things around.
  7. They don't actually live out there though, right? Only a person with special needs would "house" those 3 outdoors surely?
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  8. Only when it's sunny...

  9. They are generally free to roam where they wish :bucktooth:

    IMG_3478.JPG IMG_3479.JPG IMG_4040.JPG IMG_3728.JPG IMG_4314.JPG IMG_4591.JPG IMG_1680.JPG IMG_3562.JPG IMG_3557.JPG IMG_3553.JPG
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  10. Oooo, the mrs wears adidas, good lass.
  11. My Mrs is Czech, tall and blond :eyes: that's me Bessie mate from't Polish Ducati Owners Club, she has a Monster S2R and is little :blush:
  12. Exige... looks like a large collection... how many in total.... retirement fund??
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  13. Investments yes, but will hang onto most for retirement hopefully, only 3 on the road but I switch them about a bit, just sold the RSV-R on the left in the garage shot so down to 22 including a couple of project builds... might loose another 3 or 4 next year to pay the mortgage off as I am dropping to 3 days a week :thinkingface: Tuesday's Wednesday's And Thursdays... :blush:
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  14. Hope you've oiled that carpet as well as the deck....

    Oh, I can give you a great price for doing that scabby garage floor for you....;)
  15. Carpet's well oiled :eyes:
    Garage floor is as shit as the carpet :thinkingface:
  16. 6EC7A6FC-334A-4493-A699-F99D0F102EEB.jpeg FD6A44B5-11D8-4607-8369-F6B34A3BA43E.jpeg FA74A7B9-A6D4-430A-8F1B-E0CB7F210209.jpeg


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  17. Jesus tap dancing Christ I was not expecting that!!!Great collection. You don't, you know ...
    Bike in Bed.jpg
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  18. He used to ..
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  19. They are not allowed upstairs :eek: