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How Do You Power Your Devices?

Discussion in 'Monster' started by RexDangerVest, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. I have a monster... so no fairing to install something on...
    And NO the device you are going to link to probably will not suffice. I use Android (Pixel 3xl) and I want to run both maps (better directions and integration with my stuff) and Waze passively for the better police, stalled cars, and debri alerts...
    Maps needs decent power. Waze uses about 10 percent more. Waze is also much uses much more data.
    I need to run both. Unless my phone says "Charging Rapidly" the battery level is going down while charging.
    So I need a full power USB-C to USB-C solution. Google cannot find it.

    I am going to build one.
    It wont be as elegant as I wish I could buy. But I cannot find it online.

    So I will hard wire a HP cigarette lighter type socket, and mate a HP USB-C charger to it. and then mate a USB-C to USB-C cable to it.

    Then plug my phone in when I put it on the mount.

    So show me yours. Please.
    would you create and seal it end to end, hide it (Where?? that is the main question!) and just have a small wire up near the bars?
    Install the lighter receptacle somewhere (it has a rubber cover) and plug the rest in each time? Where?

    I believe there is a place hidden somewhere to get 12v power from already. Not interested. I have read conflicting reports on the power it can provide.

    If the 2 large parts here are fused and sealed can they be hidden?

    I am sure you know what a power cord looks like so I will skip that. Here are the parts on the way.



    Thanks in advance
  2. I use a denali powerhub 2; to send the power to device locations. Other than that I use a gen1 ridgemonkey power vault. The second generation has less power & third just come out has wireless charging. And is also TSA complient as in even less power stored than both previous versions.
  3. Wow, This? Looks great! and your bike is certainly well lit...
    Do you hard wire something to this? or run a receptacle to the bars to plucg into?


    Even with this... I would need to create my option so I had the power to my phone that I need. Google is a Bitch. everyone else can start with USB... and then USB-C on the other end...

  4. Wait
    Do we have canbus? I thought that was a BMW thing?
    will I have to conform to that? For power... and a trickle charger???

  5. You will not have to worry about canbus if you are wiring straight off the battery

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  6. must use a USB-C PD (Power Delivery) charger in order to activate fast charging. The stock charger that the phone comes with is 18W USB-C PD

    I believe that is only available with USB-C on both ends.

    Thank you though

  7. The most simple method you need is this, ridgemonkey 45W car adapter charger. With the bike running you can stick your lead in & get the kit done. Ridgemonkey also do the usb-C to C (power delivery) leads. Find the 12V socket location on your bike'

    There is also other good outlets for that gear such as angling direct.
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  8. Exactly what I am building, just with different brands. I do not believe there is already a socket sitting somewhere... Although I did find a quick shifter I didnt know I had so who knows.

    Thank you

  9. WooooooooHooooooo!!!!


    I found it. I knew it existed...
    I found it on Ali express but they would not take my card and I did not want to open some other account...
    So I scraped the exact name of the product and searched Google again.
    Instead of paying $9 I get the honor of paying $13.

    Naturally it is on a slow boat from china so I will still build myself a solution with what is coming this weekend. And when this shows up in May it will be a surprise.


    They dont show the other end but that does not matter.
    Just before I submitted this I did the search again on Amazon... they have it too but it would arrive in June.

  10. Seriously, I don't know why you have a problem.
    All you need is an SAE to USB adapter.
    Run the SAE cable from the battery and a USB to usb-C cable from the adapter to your device.
    Alternatively, (instead of from the battery), you can power from the DDA port under your seat using a OptiMate O47 SAE adapter which is what I use.
    BTW, I also have an SAE cable attached to the battery but use that for the battery tender and heated gear.
    Screenshot from 2020-03-27 08:20:41.png
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  11. Because the first part will not charge my phone at the highest setting.
    Because Google is that way.
    Same with wireless. I have what will charge every other phone wirelessly at their fastest setting in my car... (Quadlock) same as the mount I use on my bike.
    But it just says charging wirelessly... not fast.
    I have not found anything that charges at the highest setting unless I plug in a cable with USB Type C on both ends. Some kind of logic in the cable and phone.

    I could be wrong. But so far that is what I found.
    I may be able to use a pre existing port... but I have found conflicting reports on the power available and at what amps the fuse is set for.

    Either way I now know I have a solution incoming. My first may be a little bulky... but we all enjoy tinkering with our rides right?


    The issue is similar for wired...

  12. Fine your going to risk however much the phone attached cost, for $11 charger....okay' I highly recommend saving your contacts list to pen&paper just in case.

    Do report back how things pan out.
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  13. You may also want to disable some of the useless apps/services running in the background. That may help.
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  14. I run almost nothing in the background.
    I have no social media or anything. The issue is I like Google Maps. I am well integrated with that.
    Google Waze (new to me) uses even more power than maps (10 percent more) It also uses much more data. That I can live with.
    Waze has much better alerts for Police.
    so I set my directions with Maps. and place on the left of the Waze screen.
    Waze still knows where I am and alerts me to what I need to know. And Maps tells me where to go and routes me around major traffic.


    Here in the mountains there is spotty cell service.
    Google Maps has an offline component. I have downloaded my entire state to my phone. So when I have no cell signal the map stops updating but the directions continue as long as I am receiving signals from the satellites.
    It is a great solution.
    Besides. Why shouldnt I be able to have full power to my phone while riding?
    Google made it a little harder, but it will be worked through.

    I bet the offline maps would work for you too. I think because of the size differences and laws (only profit really counts here) I bet we have a lot more area without good cell coverage regardless of all the $$$ around here.

    So with just essential services the 2 apps above swamp other chargers ability.

    I appreciate all the input. If it took less than a week of searches to find that last component I would never have posted. I am surprised there arent more.
    USB-C is very popular...
    But with Samsung etc... you can get enough power with a regular USB port on the other end.

  15. I do not understand this comment.
    what am I risking? the cable will only allow so much... it negotiates with the phone... which only allows so much.
    The car plug has safe guards to over charging...
    Only the female lighter plug has more power than I need. I can put in a lower amp fuse if I like.

    $11.00??? If I could have found a plug and play system for $150.00 I would have bought it. The only one is on a slow boat from China. Bought what was on Alibaba from Ebay for more $$ because they accept my card and or paypal. The Chinese site would not.


    My entire phone. Contacts, apps and their settings and info and all my pics are all backed up automatically online. Aren't yours? I am not sure what you use but it is very easy with Android. As soon as I log into a new phone it asks if I want to restore everything. I bet it would even download the entire state of GA again for the offline maps (All done only over Wifi)
    All of which are all accessible from the Chromebook I am using right now.
    With a touchscreen Chromebook almost all the phone apps work on here...

    Put down the fruit and get a real system :yum

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  16. Damn, I was enjoying my tomato.
  17. I'm surprised you can get a decent charge from a standard USB port, however the demands of these devices for power is getting bigger: I assume you get a charge it just doesn't charge as fast as the rate that it is being drained. I have a normal (and quite cheap) usb socket tucked away under the bars, with the cable running under the tank, i just plugs it in where the charging socket is under the seat. It powers my Samsung s8+ fine and I normally run google play and maps on a split screen. (quad lock mount).

    I did find an optimate usb socket (didn't even realise i had it) in a box of bike bits whilst i was looking for a full size number plate and the baffles ready for an MOT. I might look at using the optimate connecter and then running a usb cable from under the seat to the bars because:
    1. I use a short usb cable at the moment and some times the usb cable lifts out of the socket where the wind catches the cable
    2. If i leave the usb cable in while i'm parked up it is easily pinched
    3. it will look a bit cleaner ..

    I think USB C at both end will make it water proof (more than a standard Usb connection anyway) :thinkingface:

    At $11 i'd question the longevity/waterproofing of the socket, but it won't damage the phone/battery; the phone will have protection built in to prevent damage from over/under charging.

    FYI You can set a battery saver option in Waze, the screen will be a bit dimmer though.
  18. Good news - bad news Rex. Have a look at image #9 where the text says you will only achieve PD charging if the device is supplied at 24V input, so bad news:weary_face:. Good news is that it's showing a SAE connector!
  19. I think I need 5v. But I did miss that...
    I believe many (or some) of the other USB types have enough power... but if they are not USB-C the logic needs to be there.
    Most of my other parts are in. My bike is back. Only scattered showers so I might ride instead of tinker.

    Wait. they just said the Pollen count will be 6887!!!
    I dont usually get allergies, but that may be too much to ride through.
    I will be yellow when I get back. And sick


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