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996 How Fast Should A 996s Be ?

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by crowned, May 4, 2021.

  1. Hiya- I was riding in Germany this weekend on long smooth roads, and couldn't get my 996S to indicate above about 150 mph. Or rather, 245 kph, since it has metric clocks.

    Stock gearing
    Open 50mm Termis
    I was wearing a big backpack

    Is there something wrong with it?
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  2. Sounds about right if a few ponies have escaped over the last 20 years.
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  3. Brand spanking new, out of the box with a 6 stone rider and following wind,160mph. Andy
  4. My 916 has one tooth off the front and it saw 160mph on the clock.

    (it has been full montied though by snells)(other speedometers are available)
  5. Probably about right.

    I was at Donington the other week and a guy had a 748 who I was coaching.

    I know it’s not a 996 but honestly, honestly honestly, I was at no more than 20% throttle and changing up at 6k revs and still pulling away from him on my gsxr. He was ringing the neck of the 748, top lad !

    It’s mental how much the game has moved on
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  6. 155 but the R version trying to get away from a Blackbird rider last year on the A22, but plenty more available on the right road.
    The suggestion box says..... lose the backpack.
  7. i had my 996sps at silverstone last year at the ducati day felt so slow even with 135bhp.
  8. My clock is obviously reading high, and the OP's is prob reading a bit low. These analogue clocks, now theyve aged a bit, are unreliable.
  9. wernt some USA bike limited TO 150MPH??
  10. That's an interesting thought.
  11. Isn't that for the US-market 996S though—which lacked T1 cams, had a lower redline, and ran 45mm pipes ?
  12. A big backpack isn't going to help. The claimed top speed (probably optimistic) would have been achieved by a 'compact' rider in in a racing crouch, wearing skin-tight leathers and under perfect conditions.

    So under the circumstances, 150 is probably about right...
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  13. Rider size and shape, wind, up or down hill, engine freshness, gearing, type of clothing, accuracy of speedo. All come into play.
  14. For me, the 9*6 is all about corner speed rather than outright top end. Fast in, fast out. I cant wait to get mine MOIT'd on Sat. Gonna rag the beans out of it.
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  15. As everyone has said - try again without the backpack and practice your racing tuck!

    At those kind of speeds the aerodynamic drag your backpack and body represent is significant and need lots more power to overcome that drag.

    I’m sure there are some physics buffs out there that could work out the drag coefficient of a 996 and how much power is would take to push it that extra 10mph.
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  16. No idea, but fantastic opening photo shot!
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  17. A question. Was it showing 150 when it was on the redline or was it not able to get to the redline?
    How many teeth are you running on the sprockets?
    My 996 that had sps cams in would indicate 165mph on our local stretch of autobahn.
  18. Pretty sure that 'stock gearing' would see 180 - 190mph if the bike could actually hit the redline in 6th gear but they don't have enough power for that, which is why many of us change the gearing for better acceleration (and low speed use) whilst not sacrificing any top end.
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  19. Thank you !

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