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How Many Miles/hours Riding To Spend Per Day On A Trip

Discussion in 'Touring' started by nigeleeezzzz, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. I'm planning a ride around the NC500 for later this year. I'm riding up from Kent so there are a couple of fairly long rides involved just getting to Scotland and back. We've only got 7 days so with a couple taken to get there and back it leaves 5 to explore Scotland. The route we're planning for the 5 days in Scotland which I've made using Garmin Basecamp works out the miles and riding time as
    1) 300 miles about 6 hours,
    2) 370 miles about 7 1/2 hours,
    3) 200 about 4 hours,
    4) 200 about 4 hours
    5) 300 about 5 hours
    The actual days will obviously be longer than this with stop offs for sightseeing, drinks, lunch etc.
    Is the doable or am I being too ambitious?
  2. Most of these times seem to average about 50 mph. While you are on motorways this will be easily doable. 50 mph average will be about right for the most part but between Thurso and Oban you'll be seeing more like 40mpg av. Plus stops of course. 5 days should easily cover the Scottish part. I live in Scotland and will do the NC500 in 3 days starting not far from Pert. Although I have done it 2 in the past but wouldn't recommend it of you want to see the country.
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  3. I did this route in 4 days starting in Newcastle, at around 300 miles a day. I should have taken at least 5 to do it as it was a little too long for comfort at times.

    Day 1 - Newcastle - Kielder - Peebles - Breamar - Tomitoul - Ferness - Culloden Moor - Dingwall.png

    Day 2 - Dingwall - Glenmorangie - John o Groats - Thurso - Smoo Cave - Drumbeg.png

    Day 3 - Drumbeg - Clashnessie - Inverkirkaig - Mungasdale - Taagan - Applecross - Glencoe.png

    Day 4 - Glencoe - Benderoch - Duck Bay - Fintry - Balgrochan - Kirkdean - Selkirk - Kielder.png
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  4. Depends what bike it is...
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  5. Agree, caveat to my trip was that it was a Hyperstrada*

    *More comfortable bikes are available.
  6. If you get a days rain...
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  7. You'll get wet? :thinkingface::D
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  8. As well as probably not averaging 50mph...
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  9. Best to increase the average speed so as not to get so wet :D

    From my experience of pissing it down touring 100 miles is a push o_O
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  10. Very difficult to average 50MPh over a period of 1500 miles or so anywhere never mind on those roads in the Highlands

    I have ridden all over and around Scotland and not slowly either

    The NC500 is easily doable in 3 days depending on how many times you stop to take in the scenery but that is a whistle stop blast around it

    There are so many great roads up there that the NC500 can be a bit disappointing long sections of single track roads with convoys of motor homes in both directions ( clockwise is my preferred direction of travel. ) JOG i suppose is a must but once north of Thurso its a bit dull IMO

    Ride up through the Yorkshire dales along the tops on some great roads More than happy to give you a list of places to string into a route
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  11. Are those the times you actually took Rob, including stops? If they're not I've seriously underestimated how long its likely to take. The distances and times I've put were taken off Basecamps routing, I was expecting to average around nearer 40 mph so anticipated it taking a bit longer. I'll be riding a Multi, my mates on a Tiger 800.
  12. I'll be on a Multi mate
  13. They were estimates from the RAC route planner site. They were pretty accurate to be fair.
  14. 40 mph is nearer the mark but the NC500 is only 500 miles so easily doable in 3 days but you have a long slog up from Kent
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  15. starting in inverness, i drove it in a day (a long one) with two hungry kids and a wife with a camera fettish. it didnt feel rushed.
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  16. I know, sometimes I wish I lived further North but then taking only 30 mins to reach Dover or the tunnel soon stops that :). We're riding to Kendal the first day then up to Spean Bridge day 2. Coming home we're planning to stop somewhere in the Yorkshire Dales before heading back. The only day thats really concerning me is day 3, 370 miles from Spean Bridge to Ullapool taking in a lap around Skye. Maybe I should try and break that down a bit
  17. Skye can take a while and would be the bit i would miss out on that trip you are planning and then go back and do it another time as you will be hooked on those roads !
    The Spean Bridge to Ullapool is easy unless you keep turning back to ride Glensheil again lol
    Might I suggest that instead of Kendal you have night 1 in Moffat .... that way you could turn off the A1 earlier and have some great roads the distance will be simmilar and way better
    Happy to help in anyway i can with routes and roads
  18. I was in Inverness with the girlie a month or so back. We looked at the NC500 but dismissed the idea due to the ride up from Dorset. Could be an expensive trip with two bikes before we even got to Inverness.
    Much better idea to catch the ferry and ride in France where we can get to the Dordogne in a days ride.
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  19. I’ll take a look, thanks for the tip
  20. In 2013, a mate and I did Glos - Land's End - Glos - John O'Groats - Glos. Me on my MTS1200, him on his GSX-R 750. FWIW, it went like this:

    Day 1: Glos - LE - Glos (240 miles)
    Day 2: Glos - Lancaster (177 miles)
    Day 3: Lancaster - Lake District - Fort William (315 miles)
    Day 4: Fort William - Kyle of Lochalsh - Ullapool - Inverness (260 miles) - the best bit, I reckon
    Day 5: Inverness - JOG - Thurso - Kinbrace - Inverness (255 miles) - wouldn't bother with again if I'd already been to JOG
    Day 6: Inverness - Spean Bridge - Crieff - Glasgow - Glos. (549 miles)

    We're both progressive riders and don't mind spending 6-8 hours a day on the bikes (more on the last day). 400 miles a day is probably enough for comfort.
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