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How Many Own A Ktm

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by DucatiScud, Jul 1, 2020.

  1. As the header, how many on this forum own a KTM.

    DS, 790 Duke
  2. FC3145EC-D7A8-44C9-AB36-88A86DF6709B.jpeg Got my 1290 Super Adventure S just before lockdown. Love it. :)
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  3. Gen 2 1290 Super Duke R
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  4. Just sold my 525 supermoto.....so i did...almost...
  5. 990 Dakar version Adventure.
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  6. Had many, but none at the moment.
  7. Oh and this, but it had to go as it was trying to kill me


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  8. 990 adventure...in classic orange...


    Monster of a bike..but just too damn big and heavy.
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  9. Could quite fancy a 690 converted to Dakar spec, but they are pricey for what they are...
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  10. I have to admit while looking at my first bike to buy I quite liked the ktm I sat on a few I didn’t try any because I found out the SS came in a 600 and the rest is history
    I was advised that the ktm might not be for me as a newbie to bikes
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Had a gen 1 Superduke gt.
    Loads of potential but also a lot of flaws. Multi 1200 engine was much more flexible.
    Very slow quickshifter with some nasty false neutrals (which manifested themselves on high speed overtakes..:astonished:).
    The dealer and KTM were not interested in talking about, let alone resolving suspension issues. Add in ridiculous depreciation, partly caused by year two heavy discounting..and the rest is history for me.
  13. Used to ride enduros on a KTM 250 EXC two stroke, vicious little bugger it was !!

    Also had a KTM 990 SMT for nearly 3 years on the road, good bike but seemed to suffer from more problems than normal and I just thought the build quality was a bit below par.
  14. My dad has a 790 Duke .

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  15. Same colour as mine, is the exhaust guard after market supplied or a self painted job?
  16. Yeah it's KTM habit of heavy discounting that puts some off, I bought my Scalpel at the end of the discounting. Once the warranty is spent I will look to move on the a new KTM or switch brands.
  17. Noice
  18. Just got my gen 3 superduke R and I absolutely love it !!! Pity the weather has turned to crap :sweat:

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  19. It's a self painted job with a KTM sticker on it, and rear pegs removed, looks quite neat.
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