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How To Get A Gear Indicator To Work Without A Speedo

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by Haydn, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. Hi,

    I have been given a new digi gear indicator. It doesn't come with a kit to fit a specific bike, just the bare wires. I would like to fit it to my trackbike but it doesn't have a speedo fitted, a signal or the wiring for one as its a race loom. Is there a way of getting it working?
  2. What make is it and on what bike do you want to fit it to. PZ Racing used to do one that was model specific and fitted via dash wiring. They also did a speedo drive adapter setup for the earlier cable driven speedo models like the 748-9** range.
  3. Hi red, its a datatool item, im trying to fit it to my other bike, 2003 zx-6rr but it has a race loom and all speedo pickups removed. The box says it can work with both digital and mechanical speedo's so im assuming without the speed input its useless?
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  4. I would say so yes, you will need some sort of input to be able to enable the gear indicator to work.

    I use a PZ datalogger on my Ducati 748R, which is quite old, but it does sense gearchanges and I can only assume this senses it via the throttle position pickup and also via GPS.

    You might try contacting Datatool and ask them what the options are to make it work. You may need to work in some extra wiring and run it off a few pickups.

    It shouldn't be that difficult and you could add it in as an extra loom spliced\attached to the original.
  5. Those gear indicators work by referencing engine speed vs. road speed so will only work if it has a signal for both.

    Does/did the bike have a digital speedo? if so refit the sensor to get a speed reading for the gear indicator, if not you would need to fit some kind of sensor to something related to bike speed; probably pickup off disc or sprocket bolts - I use the rear disc bolts on both my Ducatis for the Translogic speedo which incorporates a GPI.
  6. Thanks for the info. I think the easiest and simplest way is to get the original sprocket cover off ebay which incorporates the speed signal pickup and wiring. Do the speed pickups need power or are they just a signal/pulse? I'll check the haynes manual out but electrics are not my strong point tbh.

    I know it may seem a lot of work and some argue that you dont have time to look at it but my bike has a close ratio box and sometimes I have no idea what gear im in and go for 7th on the straights.
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