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Huge Shout Out To Snells ....

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Dibble, Nov 7, 2019.

  1. Just wanted to say a big thanks to Tom and the gang at Snells....

    Was prepping the Pani for Portimao when it threw a Engine light, called Tom, explained and he made ramp space immediately, got my local van hire to give me a van for the afternoon and whizzed it straight down there ....

    Out the van, on the ram, diagnosed and repaired in 65 minutes, MAP sensor had gone ......

    Bike now back in garage and ready to get shipped Saturday....

    And that my friends is why you build a relationship with a dealer and not just screw them on price ......
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  2. Great bunch of chaps.
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  3. Wouldn’t go anywhere else ,they know their stuff and knowledge is power.
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  4. My bikes are serviced there. Had a bad initial experience with a loan bike (rusty chain /stiff:astonished:; took it back and raised it with the guy giving me the bike, so he said "oil it":mad: - he must have been having a bad day; got my own back by putting +300 miles on it;)), but then people on here said stick with it, so I did.
    :heart::motorcycleduc::heart: Brilliant team.:heart::motorcycleduc::heart:
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  5. An engine light called Tom?
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  6. I do love a good review preceded by a kick in the nuts. My manager employs the same trick.
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  7. Well done Snells. :) :upyeah:
  8. Really helpful parts dept too, fastest way of getting parts in the wilds of South Wales. Always next day first class post if in stock, and usually have stuff you need, starter solenoids included.
  9. Dibble been a while, you finally got a Pani, which one did you go for?

    Still love my 1299S not sure the V4 exhausts do it for me and since I aint go no talent it has to be all about the looks!! hahaha
  10. Can we have a "Snells Yorkshire" please?
  11. And that’s why I use Manchester ;)
  12. Love what you're doing Snells.
  13. They seem to be a good outfit too. :upyeah: But 75 miles from me, bit too far.
  14. I've only used them a couple of times and had great service from them so far my multistrada is due its 1500 mile service in the winter months they offer a pickup/drop off service so my bike will be heading there way after the new year
  15. My multistrada is being picked up by snells van in a couple of weeks and being dropped off a couple of days later
    Might get them to do a couple of other jobs while it's there so me and my multistrada are ready for the year
  16. I’ve always found them really good. I’d also highly recommend them.
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  17. Same experience here. Just ordered some parts from them this morning
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