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Hugger Problems

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Red Baron, Sep 14, 2021.

  1. Never had a problem like this before. Anyone else having problems?
    Bought a Ducati performance carbon hugger for the sfv4s and after 3 short rides noticed a large section of carbon damaged. Now I know I hadn’t hit anything and where it was was just wrong….
    So went back to P&H and they reported it to Ducati. Ducati obviously said it was down to wear and tear but luckily P&H said they would replace it under warranty, which is more than they had to do….
    So now a happy customer with new carbon hugger… but after one ride same damage (only not as bad) in same place??? Now I’ve had the Ohlins set up, but for sure that can’t be the problem or can it?? P&H have now gone back to Ducati!!!
    Just have to wait and see.
    The two different damaged areas 10C3540F-6BCE-4A74-B3C0-D85A5630F824.jpeg E96A0CEF-A0FF-43D5-A7A8-ACA8500B76E9.jpeg
  2. was convinced this was about Covid lockdown restrictions.

    This would be a doddle for @Sev but can't speak for the man as I know he's busy.
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  3. Has it picked up some heavy stones at speed from the underside and caused this impact.?

    Calling @Sev
  4. Both bits of damage line up with the exhaust. On the left, the two small white marks line up with the exhaust cowl.
  5. Sorry i'm no technical chap but could there be a malfunctioning rear shock with too much travel.
  6. That could be the problem… but as it’s just been set up I would think not.
    Time will tell!!
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  7. Any chance of a pic of the tire side of the part?

    also whats the clearance between that and the exhaust pipe or whatever it is just above it?
  8. When the first damaged hugger was removed there was no marks or evidence of contact with the underside from the tyre. Can’t tell you the distance between the two have you got a v4s?
  9. Thats resin rich.
    When you put water on that area does the weave pattern “reappear”?

    One good flex or smack on that sharp edge feature and its not improbable that a chunk of resin chips off.

    the carbon underneath is probably sound but with a nice 0.5-1mm of resin sat on top of it, its going to give if you’re constantly toasting and smacking it.

    Don’t underestimate just how much that swingarm will swing in use, and if you’re practically kissing a nice toasty pipe its pretty much as harsh an environment as most structures are likely to face.
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  10. mate, I haven’t got the piss to put in the pot, let alone a pot to piss in.

    have you got a v4s!!!

    yea, stuffed between the two desmosedici’s i use as slippers.
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  11. I’m sure your correct in all that you state!
    But do you think that Ducati should be selling it knowing that’s going to happen. After one ride…. Standard hugger had no damage after 3k…
    Just saying.
  12. Nice slippers….
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  13. It was more to see if there was a witness in the plies - it would suggest a bending or impact force from the top side rather than tyre side.
    If the fibres have delaminated there might be a deformity on the ‘b’ surface (the non moulded face).
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  14. Standard hugger will have undergone a lot of long term durability testing, and its an abs plastic thats probably far better at taking grief as a result, without seeing the two side by side its hard to get an objective view of what might have occurred.
  15. There is no flex up or down to suggest that might be a problem. I’m thinking it’s got to be the shock.
  16. Without seeing a photo of what is directly above it's hard to say, but I suspect it's your shock clipping it under compression.

    As you say you've had the suspension set up, was this set up when you had the standard plastic hugger or since you've had the carbon one? What exactly was done to your suspension, lighter spring, reduced compression? I'm just trying to ascertain if there is increased travel after your suspension was tweaked?
  17. Well, There we are then. All sorted. :upyeah:
  18. If only I had known!
  19. Do you have the akra fitted?
  20. There are 2 versions of the hugger one has a big cut out for the standard exhaust and one doesn’t for the akra. The one without the cut out hits on the stock exhaust.

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