Hyper Evo Hits 50

Discussion in 'Hypermotard' started by HYPERBIMDUKE, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. This happened today...

    50,000 miles, 6 years of fun, not totally trouble free but suprisingly good.
    Not seen a dealer since 18k, 4.5 years ago.
    Will add a timeline of stuff.
    Roll on the next 50...
    Someone will point out the spanner sevice warning & engine lightcare on no doubt.
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  2. Amazing and congrats!

    Think I want an 1100 EVO Hyper some day! Might even trade my 939 SP for one, lol. There is just something about them....
  3. Good to see a Ducati racking up decent miles :upyeah:
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  4. I think some of the Multi chaps trump 50k
  5. Nice one. Just goes to show. On a related matter is it not possible to get some software on-line that can interrogate the ECU and reset the 'service due' indicator? I'm interested as I'm looking at getting a newer one, albeit 2nd hand, (my 748 is 19 years old) and it seems to me all the servicing can be done 'at home' but there's just the matter of the various indicators on the electronic screen to deal with. I know this can be done at home in the car world.
  6. 50,000 - Impressive mileage for a Hyper! I've just hit 25,500 on my Hyper 1100 in 8 years. Bit of catching up to do.
    My service indicator is permanently on as well and would be keen to know how to reset without having service done at a Ducati dealer.
  7. Clocked up 300 today on my newly rebuilt one...they do seem to be coming back in a bit....Carl (fast bikes dude) - i say that as i reckon hes half my age so im trying to keep it "street" :) said he'd love to get one...although im not sure if he was just humouring and old git...
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  8. Just to add ive never seen the service spanner come up on mine (well i dont remember seeing it!)...but it is mapped...
  9. Had the engine had any major work in these miles , just out of interest so
  10. Replaced the exhaust valve guides at 45k, evr 48t clutch basket & plates at 20k, oil changes every 4k, belts 2 yrs. New starter motor at 45k. That's it really for the motor, gets ridden pretty hard as possible on the road, generally 25 mile minimum journeys, 2 min warm up before set off.
    Uses no oil between changes, to the points point I never check the level!...
    I ran it in
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  11. Not bad really , pretty strong old lump the air cooled unit
  12. [QUOTE="I ran it in[/QUOTE]
    Meant to say, I ran it in quite hard, in fact when I started to rag it I was dissapointed in performnce as I had probably been using 85% power not the 50 I thought I was... Still once decated & remapped etc. I was happy with performance.
  13. And then some folks won't buy a bike if has more than 10k miles on the clocks.
    I am sure/hope you can do another 50k without any major issues.:upyeah::upyeah:
  14. Great stuff. What annoying is there isn’t another digit once you reach 99,999. On the 2004 monster it’s 6 digits with a leading 1. There’s isn’t a 2. Unfortunately at 99,999 it resets to zero. For some reason on the trip odometer every 0.1 mile it flashes up the correct mileage. Occasionally it sticks at this until you switch off. Roll on the next 50k to see what the hyper does. Maybe it sticks! Have same problem on 1098 when I bought her but sales guy laughed when I asked him why there wasn’t 6 digits.
  15. 10k I hunted for a couple of years to find an evo sp with 2.5k on it - I’ve just hit 3.5k and have palpitations. Thank f*** it’s winter and not clocking up miles until it’s at least 15 degrees and sunny;-)
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  16. Mines just ticked over 14k i think...running the best it ever has...been riding mine all week...got to wednesday and wiped all the caked off salt underneath which came off with no issues.... (Cerakoted engine is paying off)
  17. Well @HYPERBIMDUKE if the engine will do 50k (and growing) and @comfysofa the austhetics can be brought back to better than factory (it’s stunning) then I guess I should think about clocking up a few winter miles...
  18. Get anything coated correctly and itll last. 4 years or so back i finished my supermoto build, again everything got coated...i finished it in november...i deliberately rode it through january and february, not all the time, just when it was bad outside to test the finish of the bike (snow, sleet and salted roads) i didnt clearn it and chucked it back in the garage each time, gave it a good wash, and it came up fine. The problem is (and its not really a problem as such) is that people wont do what has to be done, and pay for essentially something that looks no different. Having a load of stuff done now from the zed. When it needs its oil change ill be dropping the sump out for the cerakote treatment...