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Hyper Noob In Manchester

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by Edgey, Oct 10, 2019.

  1. Hi All.
    Picked up my first Ducati, a Hyperstrada 939 a few months back after 'downgrading' from my S1000XR to alleviate some cash after the birth of my daughter. The XR was a lot of value being wasted only using a fraction of its potential considering my new found inability to do long distance and weekend tours. Short fast blasts are the flavour of my rides now and frankly the Hyper is perfect (not a sportsbike man), still went for the strada under the pretence i'll get time to explore further afield again someday.

    Off to lurk for knowledge & info before I inevitably post annoying questions :upyeah:

    Obligatory scenic photo:
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  2. welcome edgey'

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  3. Welcome Hyper Dude :cool::upyeah:
  4. Welcome and enjoy. Hypers rock!
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  5. Hello and welcome dude
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  6. Welcome Dave
  7. Thanks!
    I've already put an exact-start kit on my to-buy list, had starting troubles with an '06 Speed Triple and did the exact same mod with great results, so im all for preventative maintenance upgrades!
  8. Looks like theres a lot of Daves on this forum...
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  9. Welcome Dave hyper dude :upyeah:
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  10. Welcome to the hyper club. I’ve got some nice bits for sale too if you’re on the look out for any. Enjoy!
  11. Welcome.
    Just as well you took care typing your opener. We already have a HyperDildo (you will find out soon enough) and don’t want a HyperNob as competition.
    Enjoy the bike and this forum.
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  12. Welcome along Edgey
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  13. Arright arkid
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  14. Oi ya cheeky git I found this post by accident lol
    Welcome hyperman they are fuc#ing awesome fun bikes to ride
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  15. You're right, i found out rather quick about Mr Dildo :D

    Thanks for the welcome all!
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  16. Welcome fellow Mannie
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  17. Orite mate :upyeah:

    Where's that pic, not Stretford Arndale?
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  18. Haha :D I used to live 2 minutes walk from there, down by the Robin Hood pub, also soul destroying, so know the horrors of the Arndale well, good 6 years ago now though.

    Pic was at Winnats Pass over at Castleton.
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