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Hypermotard 821 Hard To Start

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by Vetle, Aug 20, 2020.

  1. I have a 2014 Hypermotard 821, and since I got it about a year ago, it’s been hard to start sometimes (have to try the starter 2-3 times), but usually works well. But the other day for some reason it took me about 10 minutes before it would start. From the way it sounds I’m guessing it’s the starter engine.

    Does anyone have any other ideas?

    The bike has done around 22k km.
  2. Not much to go on. Elaborate on the “from the way it sounds I’m guessing it’s the starter engine “
  3. I have the same bike and year.
    I started with this kind of start issues...
    Could be starter motor or bendix...
    I bought the starter motor first. Changed it and didn't fix anything.
    Changed the bendix and the bike started well again.
    I updated the engine wires as well.
    Now It starts as fire :D

    I think the bendix is a good candidate.
    Common problem in that model.
    You could check if your starter motor is Denso or poor quality Taigene.
    ...but I bet on bendix
    Good luck;)
  4. In the diagram panigale66 posted previously you can see all parts involved.
    If you change starter motor #1, buy the seal #4
    If you repair the bendix you should buy #11 (bendix) and #13 (flange) and #14 (main gear).
    You need some tools as well:
    Ducati generator cover puller tool (to replace the starter motor and bendix)
    Ducati Flywheel wrench (to replace the bendix)
    Easy to find not OEM toold on the internet (cheaper)
  5. But how do I know what to start with. The Bendix or the starter. As I have read the starter seems to be a problem as well. And I do have the old crappy one. Also I dont quite understand what the bendix is.
  6. I had the same doubt...starter or bendix?
    I chosed the easy way...starter.
    Unfortunatly was the bendix.

    May be som videos could help us to diagnosticate the problem.
    Anyway start thinking about changing everything, bendix and starter.

    My bike started relatively fine when cold. When hot no way.... this pattern wasn't allways the same.
    It was increasing the problem...at the end I could not start when hot or when cold.

    Whatch my videos...
    3 weeks of difference. The second one the bike did not start at the end... notice the different sound with the starter. and at the end...no compression

  7. Have you tried running some injector / engine cleaner through?
    Best I have found is BG44K, can get this on flea bay about £20 a tin.
    Your bike will only need a 3rd of this for 1 tank full of fuel.
    I used this on my Porsche Boxster's and it brought the emission's down and improved fuel consumption.
  8. Yeah, I have seen your videos before and it sounds very much like the first one. The thing is, I just took it out after the winter two days ago and it started on the first try, and even kept on starting on the first try which it haven’t done since before I got it. But next time I will for sure try to film. Will try to change the bendix most likely, but I dont have access to a garage until mid july and I dont want to do it in my dark public parking basement.
    From what I understand, a poor battery or possibly cables could cause wear on the oneway clutch when it doesn’t give enough power. So perhaps I will see if I can find an upgrade for the cables as a start. I also found a replacement battery from «Arrowhead» that cost a fraction of the original, figured that might be worth a try?
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