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For Sale Hyperstrada 821 For Sale

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Robarano, Sep 9, 2019.

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  1. I'm thinking of getting something else for next years tours, so I'm putting my Hyperstrada 821 up for sale.



    Registered 01/02/2014 (63 reg)

    This is the standard height model, not the LS (low seat)

    I've been to Italy on it last year and did the North Coast 500 this year. I have used it for a few weekend blasts, but not commuting, so apart from the odd downpour when out, it's never seen bad weather.

    The bike has the usual stuff as standard. ABS, DTC, riding modes etc.

    The Hyperstrada comes with the additional over the Hypermotard. 2 x side panniers with rear grab rail. Extended mudguards. 2 x 12v power sockets. Touring screen. Centre stand. Comfort seat.

    History -
    • 01/02/2014 - 16 mi PDI inspection - GT Motorcycles, Plymouth.
    • 20/04/2016 - 701 mi Service - GT Motorcycles, Plymouth.
    • 23/07/2018 - 3918 mi Service - M&S Motorcycles, Newcastle
    • 26/02/2019 - 7293 mi service (inc belts) - M&S Motorcycles, Newcastle.
    • Current mileage is 9,700. Valve checks aren't due until 18,000 mi on these. Belts are every 5 years.
    MOT - 21/02/2020

    The bike is standard apart from the following items.
    • Ducati heated grips (accesible through the clocks) around £200
    • A set of Exige's starter cables
    • New Hyper 939 upgraded clutch. The 821 clutch is notoriously grabby and this is the best mod you can make. £200
    • Waterless coolant.

    The bike is pretty much immaculate with only a small heel rub mark on the RHS clutch casing and one of the zip pulls missing from one of the panniers (doesn't affect operation). Tyres, chain and sprockets all OK. New battery last summer.

    I've got all of the books & manuals, 2 keys etc.

    This is a great bike and gives the best of both worlds. You can tour on it ,or remove the luggage and hoon around on it.

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  2. :eyes:

    GLWS :bucktooth:
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  3. :eyes:
  4. i remember you driving a million miles to get that it’s lovely bike great buy
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  5. If it doesn't go Carl, I'll do Italy, possibly Spain and the NC500 on it next year. I just fancy something different, but it's not advertised anywhere but here, so it kind of shows you that I'm not that fussed either way. :)

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  6. I wish I’d seen this before I bought my scrambler. Lovely looking bike and as rare as rocking horse shit.
    My only concern would be seat height. I’m a shorty 5’8” with a 30” inside leg. As long as I can get one foot down flat I’m happy. How was it for touring?
  7. You'll need a pair of these my friend.;)
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  8. You can get a low seat version if the normal version is difficult for you to get your foot down. It's very easy to grind out the footpegs and centre stand on the LS though. It's fine for me at 6'1" and I can get both feet down without sitting off the side of the bike.

    Touring is fine, although not as comfortable as a dedicated tourer. A bit like a wide motocross bike with luggage. :) You can also de-luggage the thing for weekend blasts. :motorcycleduc:












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  9. I had a pair of those in the 70’s. Knew I should have kept them!
    Was my Gary Glitter phase. What ever happened to him?
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  10. Bang to rights comes to mind.:thinkingface:
  11. My touring would be limited to Scotland and Ireland.
    Be moving to the newtonards peninsula next summer.
  12. I hope that meant you wore silver platform boots, nothing more. :eek:

  13. You know your sale is going to get lost in this dontcha Robin :)
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  14. Stylish and functional.
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  15. Why of course. Had the shoes but not the criminal mentality. Mind you thinking about some of the clothing I wore, I should have been banged up!
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  16. 89556474-AB37-41D9-88DD-438308E067CC.jpeg
    they don’t make footwear of this quality anymore.
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  17. Sales threads that get bumped are seen far more often - don't whinge for the whingers - they are very very capable of doing so themselves :yum
  18. I never whinge. :eek:

    Right, I'm off to the Brexit thread to talk about those 650 wastes of skin and organs. :mad:
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