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Hyperstrada - North Coast 500

Discussion in 'Touring' started by Robarano, Jul 19, 2019.

  1. I'm off on my NC500 adventure in a couple of days and started getting the Hyperstrada ready for the trip this evening. :)

    I forget how much this little mule can carry, as I've usually got the luggage off it hooning around the locality. :upyeah:


    I've decided to be a good lad and put the baffle back in so I'm not disturbing the locals too much. :innocent:

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  2. Surely you just need a few pairs of pants, a couple of T shirts, a couple of pairs of socks and a toothbrush?
  3. Yep, but waterproofs, some tools and all my gadgets. :innocent:
  4. You’ll be wearing the waterproofs ;)
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  5. Give the locals a treat and leave the baffle out!
  6. They are the only thing I'm taking spares of, :splat: :splat: :splat: :splat: I expect to need them. :worried: :splat: :splat: :splat: :splat:
  7. it will be fine. Tuesday scortchio.
    i rode most of the OuterHebrides at a 45degree angle due to the wind and rain, the evenings where usually good tho. and it was still fun. lots of coffee stops, lots of reasons to stop where normally i wouldn't of. you can miss so much when yer on a mission.
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  8. 6882C65E-713F-4306-8C2E-BCC86718C704.jpeg My hyperstrada going upto Scotland last year I found the two panniers were more that enough, I always take old knickers socks and t shirts and bin them after use.
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  9. You should raffle them afterwards; i'd certainly be interested. o_O
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  10. Don’t forget your camera :)
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  11. I don't take pictures. :neutral:
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  12. Liar, liar, pants on fire
  13. :eek:
  14. Have you gone yet :thinkingface: or is this still the build up :eyes:
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  15. Still packing, I've got to make sure I have enough for 4 days. :eyes:

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  16. Tour booked. :yum

    Screenshot 2019-07-21 at 11.13.06.png

    Right, off to do more packing. o_O
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  17. Well, packed and ready for the off. :)

    I’ve taken @panigale66 ’s advice and managed to get everything into the side panniers and a bit of stuff in the tank bag. o_O I’m sure I’ll be fine with a pair af jeans, trainers, 4 tops, 4 pairs of kegs and socks. I still think I’ll end up smelling like a caber tosser’s jock strap though, for some reason. :astonished:

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  18. Have you gone :thinkingface:
  19. No, I've spent all day unpacking. :worried:
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  20. Try washing/showering. I find it helps immensely;).

    On a more serious (if it really is that serious) note, buy some of these.


    They come in various designs, long trunks, hipsters, briefs etc. I don't think they do a g-string one though:(, at least I couldn't find that one in the store when last over there. The beauty of them is you can wash them out in the sink at night and they will be dry and clean by the morning:D, they're comfortable too. Can't do that with cotton ones unless you have a radiator on all night to put them over. Thus you only need 2 pairs - just one pair might be cutting it a bit fine. Get a couple of T-shirts in the same material and the amount you have to carry is cut in 1/2.
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