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I’ve Only Gone And Braved The Shave, For Our “biscuit.. “

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by NOODS X, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. Hope your all well..

    Some of you might remember I posted a while ago about how my Sister in law, Biscuit, as I’ve always called her( biscuit, tin = Lynne ) had battled with cancer for 3 years only to be told she was going to be blind by the end of this year, again due to cancer..

    Sadly, she passed away last week..

    She was like the best Sister I could ever of hoped for, there was no, in law, for us, we were Bro and Sis..

    Although I realise it’s sadly too late for her I decided to do something in her memory and also as a tribute to all those fighting the disease, including our luvly DB obviously, as a small sacrifice to hopefully commend them all for their incredible courage and bravery..

    So, for me, there’s ‘No more wind in me hair” My Barnet has done a runner, legged it, had it away on its toes, For I’ve only gone an braved the shave..

    I went from having a decent thatch for someone of my age, with a so called man bun and long hippy ish hair to this...


    Before any bright spark comments, they are black roof beams which are in the top room of Noodle Towers eg my art studio..

    Bit of a shock to myself and people I know I”ll grant you but, that’s what I aimed for, so when people comment, I tell them why it’s so..

    And no, I won’t be wearing a Syrup ..

    Job done and a good excuse to wear me Dallas Cowboys hat ) back to front obv ( ready for Super Bowl glory this season...

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  2. Sorry to hear about your sister Noods but well done on the shave, personally I would also take the opportunity to wear outrageous syrups to provoke more conversation :upyeah: mohawk anyone?
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  3. Sorry for your loss doodles - good effort on the heed :):upyeah:
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  4. It actually looks like I’ve taken a pic of the top of my thumb .. x
  5. It actually looks like the top of that baby face annoying little shit on here. Seriously though big up to you fella, thoughts are with you and yours, suffer no more Sis.
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  6. Sorry for your loss, Sis and hair!
  7. Hi Noods, sorry to hear about your sister.

    But what are you doing with my head and my ceiling?
  8. Sad news,
  9. NOODS,she's looking down upon you with a smile plus a thumbs up:upyeah:
  10. Condolences
  11. TY... my Barnet will come back,sadly not our luvly Biscuit though.. x
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  12. Ha ha... I waiting for some muppet to crack my shell with a spoon mte ... mind you they will find it’s hollow inside, just a few West Ham dreams in there... x
  13. TY....X
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  14. Sorry for your loss Noods,it'll be a quick flash with a wet flannel for a while then?
  15. Yes friend ... She gave one of the biggest hugs I’ve ever had the last time I saw her..she also told me never to give up and how she admired the fight I too possessed ..

    I understand her wanting to end it I’m just so sad she went alone with no one holding her hand, but I guess she knew I’d have stopped her ..

    She will always be riding pillion with me mind x
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  16. TY ... x
  17. Yes I guess it will be a while before it’s long enough for a perm..

    I hope DB’s not gone off me now I’m a slap-hair....x
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  18. Hey Noods, really sorry about your sisters passing - very sad new news.

    The head shave will make a great wig for someone who has lost their hair from chemo so well done. I'd do it too except that a strong wind blew away most of mine some years ago.
  19. All the best Noods - sorry for your loss
  20. tY mte x... but hey, you’ve still got it ain’t ya, me little old China ...
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