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Discussion in 'Streetfighter' started by iang27, Jun 9, 2018.

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    well I have just left a deposit on an 848 Streetfighter.
    Getting a service, check over and I should have it in a week or so.

    Need a tail tidy and exhaust bracket and maybe bars as I have read that some others are more comfortable.

    It’s got pipes and lots of carbon etc so if I need anything else it can wait.

    Any tips appreciated.
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  2. Any tips...

    Chop it in for a 1098SF ;)
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  3. Congrats ,i have had mine a year today ,love it .Just enjoy it
  4. Anyone fitted different mirrors, bar end etc, any recommendations ?

    Saw some cheap £10 ones on eBay but not sure what they are like. For the price it’s worth a try.
  5. I've got the cheapo round ones on the s/f and oval ones on the Evo, both do the job really well!
  6. I have Rizoma bars on mine.

    My bar ends are flat Rizoma ones and are just decorative really. I don’t find the need for weighty bar ends to damp vibrations.

    I have some cheap Rizoma Tomok copy mirrors (they’re cheap to replace if something happens to them). Genuine Tomoks have a flat mirror which means you can’t see anything useful in them. The cheap ones have a convex mirror which means you can actually see things behind you.

    I found the original seat really uncomfortable so I have the Ducati comfort seat, which is a lot better and enables me to ride 600+ miles in a day, when I need to.

    My bike also has Giles rearsets.

    Having ridden a stock SF848 I have to say that mine feels quite different, probably due to the seat, bars and pegs as well as having the suspension set up nicely. Overall I find the bike more comfortable to ride than the Monster 1100 and Monster 1100evo that I had before. There’s more windblast on the SF, but that just helps me keep speeds legal on long runs. I can actually get to the highlands of Scotland quicker and feel more relaxed afterwards riding the SF than I ever did on the Monsters.
  7. Heard a few good reports on the Rizoma bars, not sure what model.
    Not much used for sale for them.
  8. Good colour choice:upyeah:
  9. Nice bike :upyeah: Congrats :)
  10. Nice purchase best of luck with it
  11. Thanks. The pipes wouldn’t have been my first choice but the shotguns are all fairly similar. Better than standard that’s for sure.

    604E27D2-29C3-47C8-A9F2-60B0CEF807A0.jpeg A15C07D8-78EC-4093-B54E-5AB30243CC43.jpeg 01C4C2A1-2F04-478B-B446-D87B022596A0.jpeg 5E2F8303-6725-4758-A6FE-644AA57DA573.jpeg
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  12. M
    Definitely worth fitting Rizoma bars.
    They are MA10
    They supersede the MA08s
    Unlike the 1098 the 848 for some ungodly reason does,nt come with a steering damper. Damper and mounting kit are easily sourced. Its money well invested.
  13. Now I thought they had the standard damper fitted. More things to add to the list.
    Probably have to be a fork leg model which only fits the Streetfighter is it ?
  14. Never worried about the damper to be honest - but would get quick shifter
    I believe DP should be a plug straight in.

    Don’t have a major issue with the standard bars either to be fair
  15. Hi exactly which rizoma bars do you have,are you raised more upright ?
  16. I will check tomorrow morning and let you know. Having only ever test ridden a standard SF848 some weeks before I bought mine (I bought mine with the bars already fitted) I can't say if I'm more upright than standard. I can say that I'm slightly more upright than on a Monster 1100, but then the SF848 riding position is more upright according to http://cycle-ergo.com.
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  17. Looked on Rizoma and they list the MA009 bars for the Streetfighter.

    Just missed a Quickshifter on eBay by £2 !!
    Some lucky git on here ?
  18. Ian, pleased to see that you are planning to be out on a Ducati again so hope to see you at one of the usual haunts some weekend (will probably be on the CBR as I am hoping to sell my old 851).
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  20. Congratulations on your purchase....I'm loving mine......I don't have any issues with the standard bars.

    I purchased a very tastefully modded bike so it had all the goodies.....mine has a lovely Ohlins steering damper.....I've added some extra carbon but re-fitted the standard mirrors (sorry @Robarano), but I just wasn't feeling them....oh & softened the suspension off a little.

    Hope you have fun with it.
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