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Featured 748 I Got One… Nothing Like I Was After !

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by Slingy123, Aug 27, 2021.

  1. Well some may have seen that I was on the hunt for a super low miles low owner 100% OEM bike to sit and stare at. Followed a few leads on a few 996’s with sub 5k on them but lost out on a couple due to time constraints. Then I thought about what I really wanted, and if I wanted another garage queen to park next to my 1991 GSXR Slingshot. In the end I settled on buying one with more miles and something I would actually use . I looked at a couple of red 748S’s and a 996 S, all turning out to be dog rough. The bike I bought had been on my radar for a while but not as a perspective candidate to actually own, it was so far from what I was after it couldn’t be further from it. After seeing the last 996 and leaving empty handed again, I decided to pop to the shop with this bike “just to have a look”. Well that turned out to be an expensive morning, not only did I put a deposit down on the 748 , but the wife took a shining to the almost brand new CB500 FA next too it. A deal was done and two bike bought

    now this bike will not go down with the purists, but I really don’t give a monkeys. I love it , and in the sun it’s absolutely gorgeous!!!

    As you can see it’s dripping in Carbon, including the fuel tank. I’ve fitted OEM decals and will be replacing the side panel decals with OEM when they arrive. Anyways… love it or hate it, flame away :grinning:

    1940B8AB-0EE5-48C8-98E1-00286A1C6292.jpeg 4EDF5075-4D86-42E7-94AB-FED857006F07.jpeg 8C4696FF-CC63-46A8-9C43-F154F0081619.jpeg E0B6CDBD-3078-4E37-944E-3F3AD3813792.jpeg AD08C082-796D-4A0A-9478-1E4CDDEB9B66.jpeg C30FACDD-2191-4935-9194-5C90E40AA685.jpeg
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  2. I quite like it! I would have added the decals too, but would have matched them to to tank decal colour but hey we're all different.

    Have fun, there's apparently a sunny weekend about too start...
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  3. Cheers,

    I love it , it’s very much a me bike. It originally had a load of red stickers everywhere which looked naf. I ordered and fitted the tank, tail piece and headlamp decals. A cool £55 from Ducati but worth it IMO. I might see if I can get the Ducati Performance ones done in the same colours and font as the other OEM ones.
  4. You can from Image Works. Tell them what you want, the dimensions and send a colour sample file & you'll get it back by return. Its great quality work and not expensive.

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  5. Like the stealthy 6? series lurking in the background.
  6. Original decals all the way :upyeah:
    Would like to see what it would look like with the original wheel colour also the frame paint looks good in the photo's.
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  7. Well i wasn't expecting that shade of colour and as above the frame, engine & Ohlins look in good order.
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  8. Looks fantastic!
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  9. love it, congratulations, I'd definitely lose the red decals and the rim tape but other than that :upyeah:
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  10. What sir needs is a nice dymag three spoke magnesium 6” wheel for that like wot I have sitting around in the garage :D
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  11. Yes sir, that’s the wife’s 4.8L V8 650i. Great having a petrol head wife who’s into cars and bikes :D 96FBC3DB-54D9-4EE2-88FD-A09034AE632F.jpeg
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  12. Go on, indulge me with a price :no_mouth:
  13. i came from a 1098 shitpile I bought, so is of no use to me.
    I've got a M10R mag front as well if you're into the mismatched wheel thing.
    let me get some pics up as they've got to be photographed to go up for sale anyhoo. :)
  14. Well riding a V Twin after 30 years of screaming 4 pot Jap bikes has been an experience, and a good one at that ! First ride was late evening on my way to meet my wife who had already ridden over to her sisters for a meal. I got home from picking up bike and unloaded it out the van, stuck my skid lid and jacket on and I was off. First impressions were 2 main things …. Fuck me it’s a micro bike and smaller than the wife’s CB500, and secondly after riding a 200hp naked Busa it was flat as a witches tit :joy:

    within the first mile I suddenly thought I had made a really bad decision and didn’t think I could be happy with how lacklustre the bike felt. Thankfully after a mile or so from my house I joined a nice stretch of A road. I started to give the bike a few more rpm without going silly due to a couple of cars ahead, but once the opportunity safely presented itself I banged down a cog and nailed it… holy shit, the noise, the feel, the noise, oh… and the noise !!!! The induction from that carbon airbox and throttle bodies sounded like it was going ingest my feckin bollocks . That’s when I truly got what the 748/916/996 was all about, it’s just the whole package that makes a true riding experience you can’t really describe.

    I rode the absolute arse off it on horrible twisty country lanes to meet the wife and just couldn’t get enough of the sound using the whole Rev range and then huge engine braking banging down the gears. Pulled up at my sister in laws house and they were all standing in the drive waiting for me… turns out you can hear the bike from around a mile away o_O. It smelt very toasty when I stopped and I’m not sure what was ticking louder on cool down, the exhausts or brakes !

    After dinner the wife and I rode home together, it was then I realised just how bad the lights were , dipped beam was equivalent of one and a half candles and main beams was brilliant at pointing out owls, overhead power lines and general plane spotting :laughing:. After a couple of miles wife piped up
    on intercom saying my brake lights weren’t working, well that’s because I hadn’t needed them, just rolling off the throttle created so much engine braking I didn’t need brakes unless I wanted to dead stop.

    All in I’ve only done 50 miles now but can say I’m hooked on the whole experience and can’t wait to get out more. Can’t see the B-King and GSXR doing many more miles this year !!

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  15. Sounds like the typical first impression of a 748/9*6!
    No mention of cramped riding position? Perhaps you are a short arse like me!
    You will find that some rides are shit and you will wonder again why you bought it - it’s Italian and temperamental, it decides when you will have fun, not you!
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  16. They're a pain in the arse 90% of the time. But when you find that 10% there's nothing quite like them.
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  17. cramped riding position you say :thinkingface: , meet my other back breaker


    After a ride on that I head straight to my osteopath to straighten me up again. I’m a sniff under 6ft and 80kgs so neither big nor small, but I found the 748 a tad more comfortable than the Slingshot. The physical size however is laughable!!! My B-King next too it is a behemoth thing while the 748 looks like there’s a 125 under the cover, I must wheel them out and take a photo of them together :laughing:

    I’m fully aware of potential pitfalls in Italian ownership, this became apparent when collecting bike and salesman came back pushing the bike and just about dropped dead when he got back. Turned out to be loose connection on starter solinoid but that saw me loitering at the shop for nearly 3 hours waiting to go home ! Nice little welcome to Ducati ownership eh
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  18. I did something similar, I was looking for a virtually stock yellow 748 mono but bought a modified white 853 instead and glad I did, it's nuts !

    Time to update my thread I think
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  19. My 996 has a baby sister :cool::upyeah::motorcycleduc:


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  20. Had too move the bikes around in the garage today so wife could get hers out easier. Took the opportunity to get a few comparison pics of size difference.

    The Duc and the 1340cc B-King
    D2EF35AE-E836-49B3-A534-5C171D3D96FF.jpeg F01B1F9D-E41E-4A73-8E09-E9D56969E72D.jpeg

    added the 1991 GSXR750 slingshot in the mix
    7975D1C8-9261-4CF2-87F5-50202B0F1155.jpeg 2A8FC4B9-3FFD-4D79-B7E4-605090EA5379.jpeg

    And then the wife’s CB500 FA (which has been significantly lowered )

    just shows how small the 748 is in comparison to the other 750 and even the 500 really. :cool:
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