1200 DVT I Have A Engine Problem? 1.7 Liter In 9100km/5600mi

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Riko, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. go to another dealer :) my work was carried out by another dealer not one I bought bike off, they were a waste of space
  2. I get your concern, but saying that "all" those oil consuming machines are troublesome, isnt that exaggerating?
  3. John W

    My consumption averaged around 1ml per mile but on the Italy trip we did together it was more like 1.5ml per mile. The hot weather 35C +, the overrun into bends and the general pace were I believe contributing factors.

    For me, motorways have typically been less consumptive.

    Snells were brilliant in their service. They believed me in that I had an issue - did a very controlled test over 700 miles with pre weighed quantities of oil. They confirmed the usage and then replaced the pistons and barrels with the consent of Ducati UK who supported this whole excercise.

    My old pistons should have had a hard baked brown top surface that was difficult to scratch. My top surface was soft and could be scratched with a thumbnail. this is a clear sign that oil was getting past the rings.


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  4. got answer from the 3 dealers I mailed, basically they said its not abnormal my oil consumption, its even expected from the DVT

    I am gonna see if riding differently (more cruising style) will affect oil consumption...will keep this updated
  5. As I have said test it yourself, but only test it over a motorway journey at a decent constant pace.
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  6. Mine was opposite, used more on twisty roads and gravel roads than on motorway at constant speed.