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1198 I Just Bought My First Ducati

Discussion in '848 / 1098 / 1198' started by TZ750D, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. I just bought this today. Are they quite fast?

    1198 yoke.jpg
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  2. No, very slow. I will take it off your hands as you have made a terrible mistake.
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  3. Pics please.
  4. Wasn’t the 1198R Corse mentioned in the Rare Ducati post as being “very rare”?
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  5. Well done, a bargain too - you will not regret that one! :):upyeah:
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  6. Congratulations,a beaut
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  7. I bought it unseen and won't get it for a month, but here is a pic. 870 miles from new. Not tracked.

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  8. Beautiful. Many congratulations. Looking forward very much to your report on how she rides.
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  9. One of the most rare Ducatis.
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  10. I would have this over a Desmo D16 any day :):upyeah:
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  11. Proper nice that
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  12. Very nice. :)
  13. I suspect it will ride pretty much exactly the same as any other 1098/1198R, despite the fancy clothes and rarity tag.

    However...still a lovely bike.

    Nice one.
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  14. Same bike underneath, with a fancy pants suit and alloy tank. :)

    Isn't the TC system more refined or did I dream that? :sleeping:
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  15. A beauty :party:
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  16. I read that the 1198R motor has some changes from the 1098R - different pistons, supposedly a bit more torque. But since I have never ridden a Ducati, I wouldn't know any different. A couple of years ago I bought a used RSVR Factory to try a couple of track days at Laguna Seca. First time out I pushed the old road tires a bit too hard and lost the front. Having raced 2 strokes many years before, partly
    the torque caught me out and getting on the power too early at the apex, the big weight transfer unloaded the front and down I went. Was OK once I got some race tyres on it. Of course 1098/1198 a lot more powerful...
    20171117-laguna crash.jpg 20160412-GBMC2103.jpg
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  17. And much nicer handling too, my RSV-R Factory was a top heavy pig in comparison :thinkingface:
  18. Well that's good to know!
  19. I believe the motor is identical to the 1098R with the same power.
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  20. Same as '09 1098R and Bayliss which had a DTC and gearbox upgrade form the '08 - only difference from '09 was paint and alloy tank I believe (and rarity) :eyes:
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