I Wear Glasses - Which Helmets Work?

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm a speccy-four-eyes and I'm thinking it's time for a new lid. I've always worn Arai, but I'm not averse to looking elsewhere, especially as it seems like the quality and materials are so much better on a lot of brands these days.

    I've been to a few bike shops over the last few weeks and it seems like not all brands leave a "slot" to allow you to put your glasses on.

    Any other visually impaired forum members care to give their experiences of different brands, or recommendations? In particular I'm thinking of getting an adv style lid, as a peak would be really handy (could just be the low winter sun though!).

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Girlfriend wears an X-Lite 802RR (now superceded by the 803) and would definitely not go back to her Arai ever again. I guess the shell shape would still be similar in the adventure style. Andy
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  3. I have always had to wear glasses and have had AGV, Shoei and Arai. I have found that'it's not so much the helmet design but the flexibility of your frames. Rigid arms plus new firm lining will be uncomfortable until the lining starts to give with wear. The more flexible (typically thin) arms will bend to accommodate the lining and "cut" in sooner and easier their own groove.
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  4. Xlite X802RR carbon for me and my 4 eyes but to be honest I mostly use contact lenses and only wear glasses when I run out
  5. Shoei adv

    But tbh, contact lenses are the way forward..
  6. Any lid with a Bradley Ray rep paint job:joy:
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  7. I don't really get on with contacts - I can only wear them for about 6-8 hours, as apparently the insides of my eyelids are quite ridged, so they edges of the lenses catch on them! :laughing: Gross!
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  8. Shark normally incorporate a velcro tab which leaves a slot when removed. Very comfortable I find. However, currently I favour Bell for fit and then just ram the glasses in place. This works fine for me with a Bell MX9 Mips and also with a MX6.
  9. A lot of this will also depend on the specs though. Mine have thinner arms than my last pair.
  10. I actually tried some Bell lids on at the weekend and literally couldn't get my glasses in to them! Shame because the fit was nice and they felt plush.
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  11. Shoei and AGV. I have TAG frames which have quite thick arms, but they are not really rigid. Works well.
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  12. I tried contacts too, but drying out was an issue I couldn't overcome and they would start to irritate my eyes on the bike so I just compromise - most places are 2 pairs anyway so I will get a lid-friendly frame and other if so desired.
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  13. Shoei Neotec for me and my glasses, they have normal hook over the ears frames and I have no problem putting them on and off. Not the case with my fullface Arai. Did look at aviator type frames but seem to be only made by branded manufacturers so with varifocul lenses are well into the many hundreds of pounds so stuff that.
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  14. You need a prescription visor.. lol

    Will you have the new bike on Thursday when I pop in?
  15. Razor blade groves out of the foam/plastic structure.
  16. Schuberth C3 Pro. Don't even have to take your glasses off at any point.
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  17. Neotec works for me. Prefer contacts but also bought some of those bendy arm and nose bridge memoflex frameless specs. They fit in the lid really well.
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  18. I wouldn’t even do that to my old lid. Are you serious?
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  19. I found the drop down internal dark visor an issue with goggles. Arai is quite a tight lid even when sized right. Agv, shoei and hjc have worked well but I did sort out prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses based on wearing a helmet, much to the mirth of the staff in spec savers whilst I walked around the shop with a lid on trying out frames.

    Also couldn't get on with contacts through dry eyes and astigmatisms
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