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1200 DVT Ibex Crash Bars?

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by dr. jones, May 14, 2019.

  1. Good price! Lower mounting position down near the gear lever looks a little vulnerable, but overall they look sturdy. If I hadn't already bought SW Motech I'd have seriously considered these.
  2. Really good price considering how comprehensive the protection is.
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  3. I wonder if this fits with the Evotech engine guard already fitted?
  4. I'd guess not - I'm inclined to think you wouldn't need the Evotech though.
  5. I have asked them the question.
  6. I have the Evotech (2015 DVT) and am looking for crash bars that fit with their front exhaust protection. If anyone can help with directing me toward a solid crashbar (ideally in black) then I'll be very grateful for the advice.
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  7. hi guys have bought the ibex bars but a bit wary of fitting at the engine through bolt anyone carried this out or supported the engine
  8. The thing I like about them is that you can easily attach some forward pegs for those long haul rides. They look great!
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  9. How do these fit regards the front mudguard extensions - any issues with it catching. I know on same bars the extension has to be removed (Givi/Kappa)
  10. i wish the 2015+ crash bars (all varieties) didn't require the front crossbar. i like the look of the pre-2015 styles so much better. nothing in front.
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