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If Only I Had £20k!!

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by JAT, Jun 29, 2020.

  1. Just saw this on the Z1 forum, a rare bike indeed. If only....
    For Sale: 1973 UK Z1
    One of only 14 thought to still survive of the original 40 imported into the UK by Agrati Sales in 1973 - first registered in August 1973 as PBJ 20M.

    • Frame no: 12304 (approx build date April 73)
    • Engine no:12559
    • Current mileage: 29667

    Previously owned by long-standing Z1OC member Chris Martin, PBJ 20M underwent a full staged stripdown and rebuild between 2004-05 which included:

    * Powder coat frame and swing arm
    * Engine rebuilt
    * Carbs cleaned / balanced.
    * New paintset in original Candy Green and Yellow.
    * Replacement wiring harness.
    * Replacement Doremi Z1 exhaust system, with original type ‘peashooter’ tubes fitted in baffles

    The Z1 presents and rides very well and is an excellent example of a 1973 UK Z1. The engine is quiet on tickover, no evidence of smoke and pulls very cleanly through the gears on the road and it rides faultlessly.
    Whilst close, this UK Z1 is not 100% concours standard (although it could be made to be so) as there are some non-original parts fitted e.g. seat cover, Takasago rims are not date correct, non-date stamped right side switchgear.

    • Original toolkit and handbook
    • Recently fitted Bridgestone BT45’s

    For more photos and to discuss the bike in detail please contact Dave Gilroy (Z1OC Member): Mobile 07908 718820 and/or email [email protected] The bike is in Farnham, Surrey.
    Private sale: £20K

    More photos in higher resolution here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157714895422186/with/50055752301/


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  2. None of your photo links work. Andy
  3. That’s because I’m a Halfwit Andy.
    The flikr link works though.
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  4. For £20k I'd expect the clutch cable to be routed correctly !!:joy: Does look nice though :innocent:
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  5. If I had £20k to spare I'd retire
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  6. Pity the USA got them first in 1972 :mad: if splashing out lots of Wonga on one of the few UK Z1's from '73 I would want an L Reg one :thinkingface:
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  7. Do they really command 20k
  8. Seen them at £30K :eyes:
  9. I nearly bought a mint example for £3k and thought that was a lot.
  10. Nice that. I am seeing more and more Z900rs’ around this year. Best looking retro by miles and lots being done in “period” paint.
  11. Only the original UK Z1 from 1973 is so stratospheric - I know it said there was only 40 imported in the ad, I was always led to believe there were 39 - roughly half of which were L reg and half M reg. There were a few thousand 1972 models in the USA, a lot of which are imported and strangely command less money than the few '73 UK models. My mate picked up a cracking Z1a a few months ago for under £9k so you can still get the same bike effectively for a more reasonable price.
  12. It's not a retro, its a copy of a retro (the Zephyr) so a retro retro in a way :thinkingface:
  13. I understand your logic. Either way, cool bike.
  14. My mate Roger just bought one last week - gave his Zephyr 750 in Z1 colours to his brother and bagged a 600 mile Z900rs in the same colours.
  15. Very nice. They get a little wobbly when pushing on but are very easy to ride at up to 8/10ths. He will love it. How much did he pay - £8kish?

    EDIT. If I had one again I would go full Moriwaki rep.
  16. £8.3k I think.
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  17. Get him to do this:-
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  18. God that is one ugly bike now, that style looked ugly back-in-the-day & it still does, waste of a good looking bike !:scream:
    I'd like an RS & put a set of RWU Ohlins on it, (bit of reverse engineering !!) carbon wheels & paint it green like my '76 A4. Now that would look nice :upyeah:
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