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Featured I'm At Almeria For 4 Days

Discussion in 'Trackdays & Rider Skills' started by Android853sp, May 9, 2022.

  1. My apologies, the last 2 days have been full on so little time to post. Arrived at out hotel yesterday evening after an uneventful and stress free journey from the UK to Alicante.
    Today was the first of 4 days on track. My bike.
    The weather.
    First time out on the Multistrada and I'm questioning why I bought a Panigale V4 :joy: The bike is outstanding, I'm not the fastest by a long way but the bike is just great fun to ride. Only time I've come off track was to refuel and have lunch during the mandatory hour shut down. The organisers are threatening to charge me more for all the track time I'm using :joy: Best first day I can remember, ever. Toe sliders have taken punishment as have the foot rests, it's just AWESOME :D Back in the hotel now after a couple of beers in a local bar and I'm knackered. Weather forecast is 26 degrees for the rest of the week and we've still got 18 hours of track time to come. What's not to look forward to ? Andy
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  2. Jealous? Moi?
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  3. Need to be able to use a 'like' and 'dislike' at the same time ;)
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  4. Great stuff, have a good time , keep it on the black stuff:upyeah:
  5. Looks like you got a whole garage to yourself mate
  6. its scenes like that that make me hanker for a spanish TD sesh
    who did you go with?
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  7. 5 of us with the garage to ourselves. Pretty sure there are only 40 bikes total. Andy
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  8. BBS Eurotracks. A very small independent locsl to us, who do a couple of 3 or 4 day trips a year. Andy
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  9. Sounds like an awesome trip, lucky bugger. Enjoy, while most of us are stuck at work.
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  10. Bike looks good Andy (despite my teasing you when you unveiled your plans for it).
  11. Tried to find their website and got "error 502 bad gateway"........ Not always a good sign, but I am always looking for alternatives to the wasted weekends dropping off and picking up etc...

    How do I get more info?
  12. What is the weather temp?
  13. That post fills me with hope. I'm just in the process of "downgrading" from an FE1299 to a Multistrada Pikes Peak :)
  14. They have a Facebook site that also comes up when you Google them
  15. Not for me thanks, too much embedded spying software.

    If there is another way of contacting them, let me know.
  16. Im there nxt month with FE for my 1st euro away day. I cant wait, stillage is in a week or so. So im in a bit of a rush to get everything sorted. But tyres fitted yesterday, so thats the last part of the jigsaw. That effin Carnet list is a pain in the ass.

    Realised at last minute that the 916 (in bits) is on my paddock stand ffs. So having to use an old one that looks a bit steptoe, but what the hell.
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  17. FE make the carnet thing a bore, but the reality is no one checks anything anywhere so nothing to worry about really.
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  18. I agree and closed my FB account about 7 years ago.

  19. Wokingham is great for me.

    Final annoyance, do they allow riders to see live timing ?
  20. No idea, but you have a phone number now :upyeah::)
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