Impulse Buying Strikes Again

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  1. It's happened again, impulse buying at it's best (I have absolutely no willpower) Popped into a dealership last Saturday as I was passing to look at a Multistrada 1260 with a view to buying one in the future. Then I started a search for a new 1200s as they looked good value but all of a sudden, I'm now an owner of a 1200s Pikes Peak which is going to be registered as a 2018 plate

    Now have 8 weeks to lose a few pounds to fit in my leathers again

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  2. The best looking multi in my opinion
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  3. Nice - but you do know - its not the S - Pikes Peak has Ohlins Manual Suspension - not Electronic Suspension

    Congratulations - hope you had a good deal!
  4. Yep I know it has fully adjustable Ohlins suspension and not Skyhook. Anything is going to be more comfortable than my 996s, 30 mins on that and my arse and wrists are shot

    Thankfully my 150 mile round trip commute is on nice A Roads, so the electronic suspension won't be missed hopefully

    Skyhook is something new to look forward too when I change in the future, when there's hopefully deals on the new 1260's
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  5. new year new bike good for you, I am horrendous as well so you are not alone, I love buying and if in the position always do in dealers I just cant help myself either, missus doesnt moan though she enjoys the benefits of my lack of willpower:D
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  6. Last year was an AMG GTs and a 66 Mustang Convertible so at least my purchases are getting smaller
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  7. I wish I would impulse buy.............
  8. Last 2 times I went she got a boxster than an SL, keeps her happy though ! and then she can't complain when I turn up with another thing as per the norm!
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  9. I suffer from the same syndrome... now i'm 8 (possibly 9) motorcycles in and 10 stupid expensive bicycles
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  10. The big question is, can I wear my leathers riding a Multistrada or do I need to invest in something a little less racey?

    Though I didn't realise when I bought them that the colours were going to match a Pikes Peak

  11. I’m quite lucky my little lady is worse than me
    3 times at on yer bike
    Go for a pair of gloves - came out with GSXR
    Sausage bap from the van - she came out with 796 Monster
    New pair of boots - came out to a 1098 SF
    Love it but worries me every time I take her in a bike shop ! & we only live about 3 miles away
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  12. For god sake clean that kitchen.
  13. I got myself a wife this past August, is that not her job :neutral:
  14. Think an oven glove is sufficient- that might be over kill just to open the oven
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  15. Thought that was her in the picture.:)
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  16. It sounds like you guys need to reign it in a little and think about the state of the planet you live on and try to live a more frugal life...

    My arse. lol
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  17. I thought these new Dukes were good on mileage ;)