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Featured In Praise Of “meals To Finish At Home” But Something Different To The Run Of The Mill

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Android853sp, Feb 19, 2021.

  1. Some of you will know that I am a bit of a foodie and having spent a lot of time in Spain over the last 15 years, I am a big fan of traditional Spanish food, especially tapas. Probably 4 years ago after a London bike show, Carole and I found “Jose’s”, a tiny tapas bar in Bermondsey Street, not far from Tower Bridge. Since then, whenever we have been to London, we have tried to eat there because we feel it is that good.

    Jose Pizarro, the owner and renowned Spanish chef, may well have thought about expanding his UK culinary empire by offering typical and regional Spanish food delivered to your door to cook at home but certainly the lockdown during this pandemic pushed this wonderful idea to the fore.

    Okay, I know not everyone takes to things like braised ox cheeks and squid ink croquetas and I also appreciate not everyone has a disposable income to blow £75 on a meal for 2 (that actually feeds 3) but tonight we have enjoyed a traditional Basque menu of pickled, queen olives stuffed with white anchovies and tiny green pickled chillis, red peppers stuffed with braised ox cheeks, croquetas de Jamon, a salt cod frittata, a fillet of Hake in mushroom sauce and a cheese cake with lavender honey, all of which was delivered in a chilled box, ready to finish in your kitchen at home.

    Absolutely blown away by the flavours and I can highly recommend trying dishes from their finish at home selection as a treat. If you enjoy traditional Spanish food, I don’t think you will be disappointed. I was also delighted to find Tescos stocked a favourite beer, Estrella Inedit, in 750ml bottles that qualified for discount when you bought 6 :D Andy
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  2. Over the past year we’ve had a couple of meals delivered by Tommy Banks’s Black Swan at Oldstead (Michelin starred - https://www.blackswanoldstead.co.uk/) which were beautiful, and a few from our local favourite restaurant - https://devour.co.uk/, which were lovely too though perhaps a tad pricey given we had to do the cooking.

    We’ve also bought a lot of stuff from the Deli at Devour. Slightly more expensive than the supermarkets but the quality of the food is excellent and worth the extra imo. :)

    In fact we must be due some more Italian sausage I’m sure :)
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  3. Whats up with you guys? Don't you like peanut butter?
  4. I always have a jar in the cupboard and peanut butter sandwiches sustained me throughout my early senior school days :upyeah: Andy
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  5. Hmmm... peanut butter and jam...
    But only when doing LOTS of sport!
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  6. Blackberry?
  7. I've been back and forth to San Sebastian over the last few years (apart from 2020) and absolutely fell in love with the Pintxos. I'd give my right arm to get my remaining hand on some of that again now. If you've never been just go, 100's of restaurants, proper foodie heaven.

    Even basic bars have some incredible spreads out

    AFD24F21-411C-4BC7-A950-FEFEB2BEB339.jpeg 95F92153-19C7-4AA9-86AC-B82285214E66.jpeg B561462A-D793-40BD-B304-0C3CFF9957DA.jpeg

    Also went to a steak place that featured on TV where they use old milk cows, my God absolutely incredible, simple but done faultlessly.

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  8. Apricot for me
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  9. That's where I've been going wrong (and in a few other ways :blush:)
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